PvP would be nice

A PvP feature would be a nice addition because it would give players things to do when were waiting for future content.

You Want PvP?
  • NO!
  • Yes…
  • I dont know

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Im actually curious about the results.

everyone who voted no why not?

It’s just not right in this game. It’s a coop game meant to be played with your friends not against them. Go play a different game if you want PVP.


This is exactly what I would have said.

For a far far future of the game, maybe a GZ2 there could indeed be such a feature, but for GZ itself it wouldn’t fit.

In a GZ2 I could think of another human faction, iron church for example, who fight the machines and other survivers who don’t belong to them. You may have the option to choose the faction of your character, which has an own story line. There would have to be more possible players (up to 4 for each faction) and more active NPCs.

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The game isnt a player vs player game, that is just how it is.


The game was not set up as PvP. It struggles with multiplayer coop already, don’t want to know what happens if PvP would be added (including cheating players etc.).


On the other hand…

What do you think about an option for friendly fire?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Not sure.

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If yes, should there be a penalty for friendly fire?
  • Yes, immediatly.
  • Yes, just when killing other players.
  • Yes, for excessive “use”.
  • Yes, configurable in settings.
  • No, not at all.

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By this there could be a way to allow some sort of PVP… Even if I see no sense for it.

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i say yes because the game is lacking anything to do besides blow up machines and this would add something new besides new weapons to blow up machines

Would you ask the same for other games? Flight Simulator for example?

Try SCUM, this game have soooo many things already inside that are asked here on GZ forum.

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Friendly fire could definitely be introduced, if it effects the shooter not the friend that gets shoot!

So shoot a friend, you get injured!

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dam this community just really hates any idea that isnt shoot bigger robot

Since friendly fire is something that should be avoided, why not punish the perpetrators?

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what is your point though

I love this game just for the opportunity to shoot machines and not humans. There are so many pvp games on the market but very few games like this.


Then people whould just shoot at each other than the machines, and that is not how the game is


I agree.
That’s why I asked for a penalty in the second poll.
It should at least be an option.

If one likes to deactivate the penalty for a more realistic experience when playing with a static team, he could deactivate it. The penalty would then just be that the team becomes weakend in the situation where it happens.

If you play a public session the option could be activated. This should avoid that one abuses the feature by always shooting at the other players/killing them.

Others maybe want to deactivate the penalty-option for fighting each other. I just don’t find any reason why one should want this, as there is no possible reward for killing other players that comes to my mind.

what about the healing ammunition Ex that is used for e.g. If there is a .50 caliber, would the player be penalized if he hits another player?

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I’m a pacifist. I don’t like both PvP and PvE games.

The core of GZ is fighting machines, not other players. Changing this would change the core aspect of this game, and I would start to question sanity of people in charge of it’s development.


I think PvP would be cool in such a setting, but that would have to be in another game.

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