Q&A this Wednesday with Björn, Lead Game Designer!

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any question to Björn, the Lead Game Designer on Generation Zero! Ain’t that great!? https://twitter.com/GenZeroGame/status/1513894853276483594?s=20&t=3lFi_Xj44ia4nXALOONnkA


Today’s the day!!!

  • When did you personally start working on “Generation Zero”?
  • Are you considering adding customizable inner deadzone settings for the gamepad’s thumbsticks? (on PC and on consoles) Using the radial menu is quite difficult with the current selection method. :disappointed_relieved: I keep closing the menu without having properly selected anything.
  • Is the team working on a new fix for “stance switching” when using a gamepad? The Landfall Update reworked the mechanic, but we still can’t switch from “crouched” to “prone” without first standing up.
  • Are there any plans to rework/complete the tutorial tab in order to make it more consistent? Currently, some core gameplay elements like the Rivals System have no entry at all, while other elements like Crafting or Base Defense have numerous entries.
  • What is your stance on a “pause” feature for solo players?
  • Did you finish compiling the data from the survey?
  • How many people are working on the project this week?
  • Is there any studio-wide bug-squashing session planned in the future? There are still a few quest-related (“Another Castle”) or maps-related (“Talludden” not appearing on the map unless you restart) bugs.
  • Will you add back the “quick slot memory”? If an assigned item, like medkits (or explosives) is depleted, the player currently needs to manually reassign it once they find more. It makes the early hours more difficult, especially for beginners.

Phew! :sweat_smile: I hope we’ll have more than 5 minutes with Björn!

For me currently is just important to know if there will be a fix for the “safehouses get lost” - bug.

Is anything being looked at for match making system? I hope you guys find and repair a lot of the game bugs. It is sad how badly Landfall update screwed up so much of the game play.

@Bjorn, hopefully you are the one who’ll be participating today. I don’t want to @mention the wrong Björn. :sweat_smile:

@Avalanche_Pontus and @SR_Carni, just in case this help.

Please, next time you want us to submit the questions on Discord before the livestream, think about warning us in the same “announcement” tweet…

I learned about the Q&A thanks to this tweet, but there was no info about us having to pre-submit our questions.

I am really disappointed. :man_shrugging:


There was a pre-submit period for the questions? I left the discord last week before it became apparent to me that they were doing the stream with Bjorn

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Yes. That’s what @AliasDJA told me in the pre-stream chat. At least I think that was @AliasDJA

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See you in a few months, people! :man_shrugging: