QoL and some visuals

How does everyone feel about trying to switch weapons while in transition it pauses the animation and cancels the switch forcing you to cycle through the y button to get gun, on Xbox This is annoying :triumph: since I’m in and out of binoculars for spotting. Could we spot through sniper scopes too maybe with a level up skill. I love the plundra box.hate the limit. The stacks of everything in plundra should be doubled or just more than the stacks we carry on ourbodies and weapons dont count as 1.plus each ammo has two types. With 10+ ammo types and nine+ weapons your ninty spots is used before your reach level ten. The limit is 100 it stops at 99… lol since weapons and the attached mods still count for space, could we maybe get weapon racks on the walls maybe low-key allows for loadouts to be chosen at the safehouse, so it would free up quite a bit of space for the stuff your going through. And allow for different set ups to be swapped in secs. Essentially we are the only humans here in the area, so theres plenty of space for us to create comforts like sperate storage boxes for all your gear sorting. So the 100 limit is kinda smothering. I use my other characters slots for storage and switch back forth a bunch will cause a bug where the inventory is buggd and you have to reset. If you just scrap the storage limit at safe house imagine how much we could play the game instead of manage our inventory.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes storage was sortable. What about visible weapons and harnesses. Maybe a backpack? Me and my buddies thought of a roaming merchant whom would take supplies and you earn in-store credit for certain resources. So I give him 10 standard med supplies I’d get 25 cred to spend at his shop basically. The concept we bounced around looting the same places over and over again loses its immersive value. What about a set of utility bolt cutters for snipping fences and creating short cuts robos can’t use. It couldn’t be abused considering the areas that are fenced off are more lore because it’s a military compound.

100% on the storage limit, at least make it 500. 100 capacity is not enough considering I run solider, vanguard, support, and overwatch characters.

With every gun duplicated, in 5*, with attachments there really isn’t a lot of room left for anything else.


This is one reason I asked that each plundra at each safehouse should be a different storage device. You then get 100 slots at EACH safehouse, though you also get the fun of mananging your (now humongous) collection of goodies.

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I honestly wouldn’t mind that as long as it doesn’t bug up traveling from safe house to safe so quickly in succession. But it’s still way better than 99 haha

Yeah very good point, you would need to manually record where all of your gear is across the map in what Safehouse.

Not a bad idea though, we’ve all got our favourite spots.

Once you set it up how you’d like to have it as long as you don’t get lazy storing things there after it’s not a bad system. Keep all you med supplies in the bunker blah.blah and your ammo with guns at the churches. Grenade and explosive emps at the camp sites. You’d really only need a few spots it would even tempt you to loot the surrounding areas as you travel through your “supply line”

It’s 100 for now, I bet it’ll get bigger down the road. 100 storage with all the different data types is already pretty complicated. Increasing the max limit in storage from 100 to 500 will make a 4 player game go from storing up to 400 items to 2000 items. The bigger the number, the harder it is to implement.

It is already slightly bugged as it is. They need to work out the kinks before expanding it to 500.

All your characters use the same plundra storage box. I think you could keep the box limit 100 only if you increase stack size for ammo,meds lures. For the sake of a clean look stack the gas tanks. only in plundra box. As you take it out it stacks for your bag. And make one safe house emplement a wood peg mounted gun wall. For storing weapons with equipped mods. Taking out quite a bit space in the storage box. And acts like a codex for all known weapons as you find them. Collector/cosmetic and functional. To summarize: increase plundra stack size. Add a Gun wall mount at only one safe house. And the box limit would be manageable. Downside to how it is now, if you play with a team, and they aren’t on you can’t play with out them. because your inventory is full and all your 4 characters Bags are full. :relieved::tired_face:

Having a gun rack separate from the plundra would be a nice feature, including keeping the attachments but to be honest I think the devs need to focus on other things. We have a basic storage box so lets leave it at that for now and push on with other things… like all those blank islands on the map!

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I agree with expanding the gameworld, but I really would like to see them really hammer out on cleaning up the mechanics - such as displaying attachment quality in storage and on guns - as well as robot ai.


I’m kinda at a stand still till they do something about storage. It’s kinda bummer. To me it doesn’t matter if we are the only know human around. If I were a game developer and had this map we the players can see places we can’t play on yet. I’d already plans drawn up for that. If they don’t that’s just poor planning. I do agree with you. But if they optimize and refine what’s there it will make expanding easier. I mean think about it you don’t expand on to your house until you finished remodeling what’s there.

If you think of it as a simulator and you only had one life and your decisions mattered. why explore if you have no room to bring back what you find. Lol

Its human nature to explore - simple curiosity! I often leave behind most of what I find now as I have no storage space. I only pick up medical items, rare ammo, some clothing and some machine parts.

Well it’s not it my nature to waste, and needless exploration leads to genecide. Or even slavery. So you do you. But i have team mates and we have a querilla ambush tactic thats flawless. However when they’re aren’t on I’m stuck with four full bags. The games been fully explored already and the motivation to explore is to be the first. But why loot if you decided not to pick up. You’re just looking at similar buildings over and over again. Lol

It’s a loot shooter if you rid yourself of looting you just modded half the game out. Running around in the woods and five or so bunkers there’s not much curiosity to peak. And than it’s not that savory. While tactical engagements are in the plenty. So you cant convince me to give up drops and things you collect or it’s desired gameplay. Or what’s the point in playing other than building loadouts to skirmish the desired way solo or with a team. If you say exlpore a game that has 10% off content worth exploring I’m out of words to convey this concept.

I am not trying to convince you of anything - in fact the reverse is the case.

Yes the buildings are similar in layout/interior but every farmhouse I approach is fresh for me. Its how I enjoy the game. I didn’t say leaving loot behind was enjoyable or normal, I said the curiosity of exploring is normal - and enjoyable.

I am not suggesting that your way of playing the game or enjoying it has problems so please don’t suggest that mine has. I enjoy my gameplay, you enjoy yours. I was merely stating what I enjoy and what motivates me to keep exploring the map and enjoying GZ.

You call it a “loot-shooter” but to me its neither of those things. To me the game is not about looting, nor about shooting, but a game about exploring, discovering the story and enjoying the visuals and gameplay. I pick up just enough to survive and keep going, hence why meds are most important to me. To each his own and again please don’t slam your opinion down other’s throats as though you are right and they are not. Thank you.


I wasn’t trying to say your way or method was wrong. I apologize. My delivery is flawed. I didn’t say your way is wrong but maybe you would like a more expanded game. After you explored this one. It has guns wether or not you use them. And Regardless how YOU play. The enemies have random drops. In order to get through questline you have to shoot and loot. It’s a loot shooter. the aspect you describe the exploration to discover is one and done. Once you’ve played all the way through. Those aren’t that motivating for me. It’s already known. The only replay value is endless combat engagements.

I’m not slamming my opinion down any throats it’s a forum a place for opinions. If it went down your throat that’s your decision to read it.

True, but if it’s a part you consider boring busywork, you still come out ahead when losing it.

I know some people like the looting aspect, and I have no problem with that, but to me the endless cycle of “you collect ammo, you spend ammo, you collect ammo, you spend ammo” is no more interesting than that of “you shave your legs, the hair regrows, you shave your legs again.”

I’m with ‘tank on this one; I love the landscape, I’m happy to explore (and re-explore!) it just for the fun of it. (I appreciate that my character wouldn’t leave shelter for mortal danger without a good reason, so maybe, she’s still looking for survivors, or patterns in the machines’ behavior, etc., even on the occasions when I’m not.)

By that token, I find 100 % of the outdoors content worth exploring.

Note that I’m not asking you to believe the same thing, I’m just asking you to believe that I believe it. :wink: