QoL Features i'd Love to see in the game!

Hello! welcome to my latest topic! this topic is about some small Quality of Life (QoL) Features id love to see added into Generation Zero! Feel absolutely free to discuss or criticize my ideas or even suggest your own QoL features in the replies :slight_smile:

Feature #1 - Optional Hotbar

This QoL Feature will just simply be a small hotbar at the centre bottom of the screen that shows what you currently have equipped in each slot, this could be useful for learning where you have actually put your items instead of using pure muscle memory or hoping you grab your med kits instead of you binoculars because you couldn’t remember which order you put them in. (speaking from experience…)

I’ve been informed by @MarkNcheese42 that you can just press tab, I’m stupid and didn’t know this sorry :sweat_smile:

Feature #2 - 9mm Ammo

Simply combining the 9mm Smg ammo and 9mm handgun ammo into 1 single ammo type. it doesnt really make sense that theyre different in my opinion. theyre both 9mm so surely one should fit in the other? i dont know, if there is a reason why theyre seperated, please let me know!

@VladTheInhaler had a great explanation of why there are two different ammo types. you can read it below if you are interested.

Feature #3 - More Animations

Yea yea, this isn’t really a QoL feature, but its been bugging me. I’m mostly talking about the fact that when switching firing modes on weapons, you just hear a sound. your character doesn’t actually change the fire mode on the weapon. I would love to see a quick animation that changes the fire mode on the weapon, it would really add to immersion and also a little bit of a drawback to changing firing modes during combat, as the animation has to play out fully before you can fire again. although that could be a lot of animating for the team to do and probably isn’t worth your time.

Feature #4 - Old Sorting System

Plain and simple, I preferred the old way of how the inventory sorted itself, highest quality at the top, lowest at the bottom. as of landfall (I think) you can sort it in many different ways but you cant do it from highest quality to lowest quality anymore. idk I just prefer it that way.

Feature #5 - Dual Render Scopes

As the title says, dual render scopes, I love being able to see through scopes even if you aren’t aiming in. I personally think it looks cool. this will have a pretty large performance decrease though so make it toggleable obviously.

Feature #6 - Experimental Attachments

Again… not much of a QoL feature as it is content. but I think experimental attachments would be really really cool. maybe like a sniper scope that highlights enemies in a red box? or a muzzle that gives pinpoint accuracy with near 0 sound? or a vision module that allows the scope to zoom further than normal, etc.

Feature #7 - Craftable Sticky Flares

Simply just add a shematic for sticky flares that take like, 2x adhesive, 1xfabric and 2x flares for 2x sticky flares. i dont even bother to pick up flares anymore so this would be a great new use for them!

This concludes my small list of ideas for now! if I think of anymore ill edit this post to add them. :slight_smile: feel free to discuss these in the replies! see you on my next topic! :smiley:

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You can accomplish the same thing by just opening up the weapon wheel (R1 on console, not sure which key on PC) to see which slot each item is placed in.

The reason there’s 2 different 9mm ammo types is because SMGs expend ammo way faster than pistols. It’s supposed to be a balance thing. For example, 100 rounds would be okay to carry with you if you’re using a Klauke, but it wouldn’t be sufficient for an HP5. On the other hand, carrying 1000 rounds for your Klauke would be overkill, but it would be fine for an HP5.

An animation for switching firemodes would be nice even if it was just something simple like in Battlefield 4, where the gun just sort of bobs to the side a bit when switching.

This is not true, in real life you can switch firemodes and keep shooting fine without having to chamber another round or anything like that.

I wish there was an option to sort everything by quality like in the old system, but have everything placed in alphabetical order like you can in the new one. That’d be my perfect sorting dream. For now, just plain alphabetical order is fine for me.

to open the weapon wheel on pc you need to use the scroll wheel, but if you accidentally stay on one for too long it will switch to it without you pressing anything. it could be used be also rather finicky.

that’s a very fair point I didn’t think about. that does make perfect sense now that you say it lmao. i agree with you on this one.

yea I wasn’t 100% sure which I why I put the part in the brackets. ill remove that part now.

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On PC you can open the wheel with tab. Holding this key should hold it open, and will not select anything until the key is released.


ah, thanks didn’t actually know this :sweat_smile:

Added another feature :slight_smile: feature #7

I agree partial with #7.
Sticky flares are an upgrade of flares. So why aren’t we able to craft them?

But on the other hand it’s ok to be forced to find them to be able to use them. This game is in general about looting, not crafting.

But I think for these, as they are upgrades of normal flares, it would be logical and ok to be able to craft them.

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