QoL - Gameplay Flow Suggestions 2022

Small things that reduces the overall enjoyment of this good title, in the name of a smoother player flow.

Multi-loot, and quick healing first up:

Multi loot - name speaks for itself. Loot multiple robots simultaneously. Doesn’t even need an explanation. The loot targeting, or hitbox, is already unpleasant, at least looting could be pleasant and smooth.

Quick healing - Could be that whatever healing item you chose in the quick menu, gets applied instantly at first. There is an annoying delay between getting the bandage up, and clicking it, that just annoys me. It’s clunky and reduces enjoyment. Button toggle in options menu.


Auto Ammo Looting - Would be comfy, could be too good as well. Mayhaps not available in combat or something similar.

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I would argue that the current game flow is way too fast!

Imagine the time it would actually take to scavenge ammo from some kind of weaponized machine, let alone one that you just shot to pieces.

And the short time required to apply the meds; we are taking seconds. Nearly the same time it would take just to open the package, ignoring any time to remove clothes and applying any bandages.

So my proposal to improve the gameplay flow would actually be to drastically increase the time needed to loot and administration of med kits.

This would encourage more situational awareness and tactical gameplay.

yes, would be pretty epic if you had actual bullet wounds that bled and bandages temporarily helped until they healed, each part of you getting shot could affect you differently. legs make you slow, arm disables two handed guns, both arms no items, both legs die, chest could have a few affects, head death. would solve the issue of game too easy. and no more adrenaline saving you from being incinerated by 6 rockets. maybe lose ammo or medkits on death so it’s not just a small setback. food could be interesting too.

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Looting I can’t really speak for, as I’m at a point where I only bother to loot the tanks (I’m drowning in resources, rarely play the base defence thing now I have all the schematics I need, and basically just collect guns at this point!) but the hit boxes for loot is very annoying at times, so anything that can be done to fix that is fine by me.

I completely agree about the medkits- It should be an automatic “use medkit” when you first select one at the very least- why else would you select a medkit if you don’t want to immediately use it?! :rofl:

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Oh god, please don’t let the devs think adding survival mechnaics like food would be a good idea… I really don’t think the item wheel can cope with what’s being asked of it already. If I’m having to take a munch out of a sandwich midfight for fear of keeling over from starvation, I swear I’ll join the robots! :rofl:


Eating during a fight is only bad planning.

First you eat, then you fight…