Quality of life and robot combat parameters



Remove mission title banner from HUD while being tracked with waypoint.

Recheck player count during session. Two players should register as two not eight players. Robots scale to number of players.

Skirmish should be enjoyable with a bit of newcomer challenge , not the hardest difficulty.

I.E.- Robots should not be running to player by the dozens(38 hunters in my incident) while being attacked by a harvester who spotted me half way
across the region.

Robots should not be able to spot player crouched behind cover from over 300 meters. Or spot player walking/running 600 meters through forest/terrain.

Allow player to mantle objects, prone low crawl, and swim. Robots just run through the rivers to engage players from across the region anyways. Might as well let players swim.

Allow munition quick change while weapon is equipped. I.E. should be able to hold left bumper and press (Y) to change ammo type while it’s equipped.

Allow gas mask quick change instead of selecting profile>glasses>gas mask. I.E- Hold left bumper and press (X)

Increase gear affect percentage from (1%) only to various percentages which provides ACTUAL uses.

During Single player session. Pause entire session. I.E. player should not be attacked while paused, especially while in a “safe house”. (Hoards of ticks in my incident).

Allow weapon stats to appear while hovering over for pick up.


The ammunition change feature is coming with the next update that PC has already received, along with the apparel schematics (up to 5* rating for each).


If you kept up with GZ news you would know thats getting fixed soon so don’t moan

the harvester just called in more hunters, take off hunters weapons, take it down, then deal with hunters

Machines with high tech and x ray vision can do that, also machines render out at 400m so this is impossible.

Prone coming next update if you kept up with news and robots die in water, they can’t cross it :thinking:


You need to get the low grade ones to get the high grade ones.

Yes this is a good idea but you are basically stopping a massive open world with roaming machines.

Don’t they do this already?:thinking:


I feel that a lot of this post would have been answered with very little research into the current game status.

I mean…it’s not as if they don’t tell anyone.