Quality of Life Improvements

here are a few more points that I believe could contribute to refining the gameplay experience:

  1. Companion Behavior: Companions should avoid getting in the way or spawning directly in front of players while riding a bike to prevent collisions. They should also pass through players without causing any obstruction.

  2. Player Interaction in Multiplayer: When playing with friends, there should be an option for players to pass through each other, eliminating any hindrance or collisions. This would enhance the cooperative aspect of multiplayer gameplay.

  3. Destructible Fences: Adding a feature where fences are destructible would not only add realism to the game but also provide players with more strategic options during encounters.

  4. Bike Mechanics: Bumping into objects with flakmoped or motorbikes should not result in the player being forcibly thrown off the bike. A more realistic approach to collisions with environmental elements would be appreciated.

Some fences (the small wooden) are destructible.
But I know what you mean.
On the other hand I can understand the reasons why the large fences aren’t destructible.
They are there to prevent us getting somewhere where we shouldn’t be able to get (yet).
Where we need to do something else first.

That’s why they once removed some of the fences around the airfield. They weren’t necessary everywhere, so we got some more entrances.

Falling from a bike after driving into an obstacle isn’t realistic? I say it is. But I agree that there are some situations that are just silly.

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I get going at high speed but when im at slow crawl and i get ejected lol its rough especially when trying to get out of combat… also i hate how fences and small objects are indestructible and stop you in your tracks.

i think more assignments like, go up to a fence gate and open the gate, go to a swing set and push the swing, knock off the green-flower seat cushions off the 3 seater swing by running into it, shoot the alarm clocks off the top of tvs, go to a soccer field and knock a soccer ball into the goal

i think whoever came up with the shoot 20 tvs assignment :roll_eyes: was trying to say something, we get it, your of this generation and likes you flat TV :dizzy_face: and dislikes tvs from the 1980s lol

I dislike alarm clocks :slightly_smiling_face: I rather have a assignment shooting those, lol lol lol