Quest pop-up stays on

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Here’s a new bug I have : the pop-up window showing quest objectives won’t disappear after showing up. Depending on size of said objective, it might be from a small problem, to a completely game-breaking experience.

Steps To Reproduce:

Very hard. It’s a consequence of the broken Uttern quest several patches ago. When that broken quest received a first quickfix attempt, the problem started, showing the quest with all bunker quests, on screen, all the time. That’s like 25% of the creen and makes the game unplayable.
The thing is, I erased my save and started a new game. But the problem is still here. It’s not the bunkers’ quest anymore, but any active quest will stay open as a pop-up in HUD during gameplay.

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Do you think uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling it will do ? I was really surprised that starting a new game wouldn’t solve that.

You can turn it off in settings. It’s by default set to show current mission. I don’t remember the name of the setting but there aren’t that many so I’m sure you’ll find it. I had to restart game after for it to work.

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