Question about AG4 with Trigger Happy and Make Em Count

At the the risk of asking a stupid question; when my AG4 is in automatic, will Trigger Happy work? And when it’s in semi-automatic, will Make Em Count work?
Thank you in advance

Well… that’s how it supposed to work.
Bu we had instances of skills not working propely or not working at all.


the only stupid question is the one not asked. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that both of these skills have a AG4 in the descriptive picture, so i feel quite sure that the intent is that they both should work for your AG4.

But as 0L0 hinted, your mileage may vary.


Thank you both. Yeah I feel both should work with an AG4 but someone else’s explanation was confusing, so I just need a clear answer :sweat_smile:
It also seems the sneaking skills aren’t working properly for some reason

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That’s why you don’t count on being too stealthy. Use stealth to get into position and then hit the bots with some Rambo level ammo count, but John Wick level of accuracy. The result? Enough scrap metal to build a city.

All joking aside, as the others all stated, yes the skills should work each with how you have the fire rate selected.

I would recommend checking out the experimental ammo types for the AG4 as well, as both the TAR and Shock experimental ammo types are awesome and add a whole new element to the weapon. Same goes for the experimental KVM59, I really like using the TAR ammo with the LMG, it helps you to max out the damage you can do with each shot and gives you a chance to still do damage with ammo that misses the target.

Thank you

I should be able to sneak around though. It seems my new sneak build is bugged and I’m getting detection markers way sooner than before which sucks cos I’m playing an ambush/destroy targets as soon as possible with traps, EMPs and gun fire and take as little damage as possible, only engaging in fights when absolutely necessary. Just because I enjoy it