Question about experimental weapons

I have been trying to get a experimental weapon for a bit now and i started wondering if the game difficulty matters because i am still pretty bad at the game and i keep dying. Does the game need to be on guerrilla difficulty to get experimental weapons or can the game be on any difficulty?

It can be at any difficulty, but you have to be level 25 to get them to spawn in the loot pool.
Also level 4 FNIX and apocalypse class machines are your best bet for getting one once your at level 25

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Alright! Thanks for the help.

If you’re not at level 25 then it is still possible to get an Experimental weapon to drop from the Reaper. But if you’re at level less than 25 without an experimental weapon in hand you’d be better attempting it in co-op.

Note: At least this is the case on Xbox currently. It was possible on PS4 & PC prior to the Resistance update. Not sure if this has been fixed by the update.


Ok, i am a little bit over level 26 right now.

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