Question about how the co-op is implemented

Hello everyone !

I recently found out about the game and I’m a bit sad I missed the beta train.

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to the game releasing whenever it’s ready, but I still would like to know something about how the co-op is implemented.

Now, this is a pet peeve of mine, but I always like to know wether I will be able to play my games 5, 10, 25 years down the line, especially the online components. Most games nowadays like to rely on a central server that’s owned by the studio/developer. It may simplify aspects of developing the online part, but that essential server is also on life support the second it comes online.

Older games like Battlefield 2142 (since we’re on the topics of robots) allowed the players to host their own servers and let other players connect to it. It is still possible today in 2018 to host a BF2142 server and let any number of friends connect to it, even years after EA dropped any and all support for it.

So, you guessed it, my question is which architecture is it ? The central server one or the “you can create your own server” one ? This is really a deal maker/breaker for me.

If you took the central server approach, is there any end-of-life plan for the game so that people may still be able to play in co-op years from now ?

Thank you for your answers ^^

(Also, for like-minded players I would warmly encourage you check out a guy named Ross Scott on Youtube, both on his main channel “Accursed Farms” and on his second, more relevant to this topic channel “Dead Game News”.)

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As far as I am aware it is Peer to Peer (P2P) as it was in the beta. @Avalanche_Graham Or @SR_Kimchi could provide more insight into this though :smile:

P2P still needs an authenticator and a match-maker so that players can find each other. Though If this is handled via Steamworks, then Avalanche shouldn’t need to do much on their end.

That’s on PC at least. Not to sure how the consoles handle it.

Rather encouraging answers here :slight_smile: Could any Avalanche staff confirm that please ?

With the game being limited to only 4 people in a party it shouldn’t be too difficult for 1 person being able to host.
Providing all players game content is up to date.:smiley:

Yup pretty sure everyone has agreed it is P2P which would explain the desync issues and what teleporting bots. :slight_smile:

Do you think it could technically work on a local network or would it rely on Steam for connecting people ?
(That would be a nice feature to implement for those looking for a real offline experience with reduced lag)

Well, happy I got an answer during the stream ! Happy to hear the game will not rely on a central server and is indeed P2P !

Now, as I also got advised during the stream, here’s a further question : Will we be able to directly connect to an IP, either on LAN or over the Internet, for offline LAN play or in the eventuality that Steam is down or goes under (however unlikely that is). Let us tear our hair over port forwarding, just give us the option to connect outside of Steam, please ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll see what I can find out. :wink:

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Hi ! Just wanted to know if you had any update regarding that topic, @Avalanche_Graham !
Also wanted to add that for people interested by the dead games topic that the more recent episodes of Dead Game News were located on Ross Scott’s main channel rather than on the Dead Game News one.

Cheers !

Happy new year everyone (bit late but still…) Any news on that direct connect feature ? :slight_smile:

Woah! Looks like Graham got a bit busy. I can only answer your first question not sure about the second. The game is P2P. @Avalanche_Graham may have an answer for your second question.

Ah, sorry. :wink: It doesn’t look that it’ll be possible according to current info I’m sorry to say!

Aw, darn :confused: Well can’t win’em all I guess… Hopefully that can be implemented at a later date !