Question about main story and dlc story order

I’m new to the forum and a returning player to Gen Zero. I dont know if this topic has made its way around or not so heres the question.

Do you have to complete the main story line to gain access to alpine unrest, as well as completing alpine unrest before you can play Fnix Rising? Or can you play the story lines out of order?

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First, you’d need both DLCs to play their missions. Though, you can play the missions out of order but story line wise, they go as follows: Main story line -> Alpine Unrest -> FNIX Rising.

So if i wanted to play everything in order i would just want to stay away from those objective areas?

Also i know fnix rising will include fnix outposts with are supposedly made after the events of alpine unrest. Will they be apart of the world regardless of whether i have completed alpine unrest or not? (I cant check this for myself as i am on ps4)

You won’t have access to the Himfjäll island (Alpine Unrest DLC) until you complete the “Not Alone” mission, which unlocks the Himfjäll island and that part of the story.

FNIX Rising DLC isn’t available for consoles as of yet but it should come with August '20 update.
Though, FNIX Rising missions start with the “Where the Sun Sets” mission, unlocking and starting that part of the story.

Based on what i read from patch notes: , FNIX structures are part of the DLC and if you don’t have that DLC, you won’t have structures either.

Though, you don’t need Alpine Unrest DLC for being able to play FNIX Rising DLC.

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Is that a estimate of normal schedule, or did i miss something?

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That will take some time as well, but again, we feel good about August for FNIX Rising on consoles.


I am aware that it is August. I was referring to the specific date you put.

I didn’t write any specific date.

nvm do not mind me thought the 20 was aug 20th. christ i am pretty dumb.

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