Question about story-related bugs: Are there more?

Continuing the discussion from Saltholmen Naval bunker, both outside doors are locked

I would like to read from other gamers. Are there a lot of story-related bugs in the game? I don’t like to travel back somewhere because the temporary solution to a bug is to restart my save, so I would like to know if there are more. :sweat_smile:

If this bug with the “Another Castle” mission is the only one, that would make a huge difference in my motivation.

When I played through the game on PC about one and a half years ago I only faced one bugged mission on Himfjäll, that has since been fixed. But keep in mind that I might’ve been lucky and/or new bugs might have popped up since.

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Like I said Bowi, I’ve friend giving me updates on his progression. Salthomen Bunker, and destroy 20 cars achievement are the only 2 red flags at the moment.

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I wasn’t able to beat the games story until 2020 because the final missions wouldn’t unlock until they dropped a patch lol
I’m still not a 100% sure on what caused it to break or if it’s still an issue to some though

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