Question about the maximum defense FNIX bases:

How are you supposed to beat them
I lagged out because of a comically large amount of dead runners

  1. Shoot turrets from distance (PVG)
  2. Look where the shield generators are and bomb a way through the walls to them (Granatgevär /RPG)
  3. Open and destroy the shield generators
  4. Destroy command center

Important: if you ever see a purple, blue or red machine spawn generator, destroy them as fast as possible.

If you own the related DLCs, you can use a jammer to move in and sticky remote bombs for an initial attack, or remote Ticks for bombing a way through the base to all the shield generators and then move in with a jammer to open the shield generators and finally use ticks again to blow them away.

Wait so the burst Granatgevär could actually be good in this situation???

Every time.

Gut the base, destroy defences and the spawners from range. Then move in.

If you’ve got the ammo I personally destroy as much as possible. Walls,turrets, bots, and bot spawns. It’s much less strain on your graphics when you destroy the core and it all falls down. I’ve crashed several times due to the walls derendering after I “win”. Not much fun to do it and get nothing. Not to mention it is a waste of ammo and resources.

I didn’t try the 5c Granatgevär yet, maybe it’s less ammo consuming…