Question about the new Russian Machines and Rivals

Now we all know that killing a Rival reduces the region level.
What happens if the Russian machines kill a rival? does the level still drop?

I think so. Rivals dying in any way should drop the Region score.

Now i want to try drowning a rival in a lake to see what happens

You should see what happens when 2 russian rivals take down a reaper its a spectical of a fight. The reaper dies and then the russians die by players hand like childs play.
Its fun to watch but also tanks the threat went from 23 to 0 when the reaper died.

I watched a war between 3 tanks, 3 harvesters, a frickin army of hunters and runners VS 3 Wolf and an army of lynx. Every so often another Wolf spawned so it turned into 8 wolf. I got about 200 RPG ammo off them

It does, i have personally experienced this when doing a rival hubt and one just walked in a lake when i couldnt see it.

So they CAN drown, got it.
Now I must attempt to get a Reaper in my game becuase i have never got to fight one ;-;

Going against a reaper make sure you bring a hard hitting LONG range rifle and know how to disappear go for the sheild gens on the legs first as once it is after you its really really hard to hit them. Also if you start seeing it spew gas put a barrer between you and the reaper FAST when that gas ignights its a 1 shot kill against everything hunter and smaller.

now I want to make a reaper fly with the gas tanks…

Good luck.
You will not make it between its legs once you come close enough it spams this massive aoe fireburst that 1 shots you

Also, once it gets down below roughly 15% health, the aoe move will attempt to kill itself. This will be noted by red gas speweing from the reaper as it preps the attack rather than green gas.

Given the damage tolerance of the reaper, i highly recommend carrying a few fireworks on you. Those will still prevent the reaper from using the move and resets the move. Be sure the fireworks are in range to properly disorient it. If one doesn’t effect it, sometimes a second may be needed.

If it does end up killing itself from that move, it’s loot pool is massively reduced.

So basically spam fireworks

Fireworks will be helpful throughout the fight. A reaper still has a tank ai, but overclocked. Many methods that help deal with a tank can help against a reaper.

Depending on how much ammo you can bring, you can do it in stages and then go back to restock.

Also, the runners that spawn in after the reaper does an aoe should also be considered. Those can be a problem depending on the terrain.

I just shoot at everything and if I’m out of ammo then im like “Well f–k”

When in doubt, get the f–k out.

In the wise words of a man with the last name Joestar,

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I was able to kill a reaper solo 1 run at it no deaths and 50 weight of gear. No restock.
However its worth noting the reapers that suffered that fate were not my first.
My first reaper took 80 RLG/84mm rounds to the face like a pro killed me 38 times and swollowed well over 10 thousand rounds and 200 standard medkits along with 10 adrenalin. I also did not know it actually had a sheild alot of that ammo was eaten by said sheild

The 1 runs is more my latest kills.

So you are also an RLG spammer

shot till it drops if dat don’t work use a bigger gun if you die take a bigger gun then shot till it drops but if that all fail think like an ork from w40k and get that git :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When le big gun dont work you get a BIGGER GUN