Question for saves

So, I really want to restart my game by deleting my current and only character but I want to keep my loot. So what I’m thinking is that I can just put my stuff in the loot box and after deleting my old save and have a new save, I get my stuff back. I have no idea if this actually works. Can someone confirm if this trick works?


No I don’t think so. The only way I know of to save your loot is to transfer it to a friend or other player then restart and have them give it back.


The last time I did this, it worked fine. I put my stuff in the Plundra stash and deleted all my characters, then restarted the game. The world reset, and the items were still in the stash box.

It was a while ago I did this though, so backup your save first.

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Update: It works
I put all the stuff that I wanted to have into the storage container and then deleted my game save. When I made a new save, I went over to Iboholmen Church (the first church you come across), looked in storage, and all my items were in it. My crafting resources also saved too. I’m glad I tried this out.

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Nice, well done, sir.
Happy to see it worked still. :slight_smile: