Question regarding a few side missions

There are a couple side missions in the game I don’t know how to activate
One being near the cave on himjiell (pretty sure I spelled that wrong)

And the other being near the northern part of the archapelago
Involving a stash of supplies in the north east part of that region
I activated this one on a different game but I don’t remember how I did it

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Could you compare your side mission log wit the wiki ( and say which missions these are?

Path of the gods was one
The wiki doesn’t seem to have pages for most of the side quests in alpine unrest
However I do recall the first part of the mission said to destroy all the machines guarding the cave entrance
(Weather that’s the east or west entrance I have no clue)

The second mission was called stalemate

The wiki offers a start location for Path of the Gods. I don’t know anything about the dlc or Stalemate, except that neither mission look like they have prerequisites.