Question regarding loot boxes

Hello everyone!

Quick question, if you have opened a loot box and emptied it, does it never “respawn” or will it do so over time? I am thinking of any of the boxes; ordinary tool boxes, military-grade boxes, weapon boxes, and so on. Even the backpacks lol.

Thanks for any answers!

Don’t worry, random loot will respawn over time. I think it’s after 4 hours of gameplay, but someone might have to correct me on that number. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes everything respawns except the fixed weapons you find - these do not respawn. So if you plan to play again with another character, you might want to leave some weapons lying around. Weapon crates can be looted multiple times, as all other boxes.

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Ah ok! Thanks guys!

The reason I’m asking is because when I played last time, about 2-3 days or so, I looted some stuff over the island (can never remember the name, the ones with all the Apocalypse robots) and now when I started playing today the boxes inside the house had still not respawned. And several boxes all over the island were empty even though I am 100 % I didn’t loot them last time.

Not sure if anyone else have this problem or if it’s just me x).

There has previously been issues with occasional empty boxes - don’t know if it’s still a problem sometimes. But else, the respawn time is ~4 total gameplay hours.

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