Question regarding mission tracking


when I go to the missions list, and I select one of them, is it supposed to show in map the exact location or something like that?. Because I select it, and nothing happens. Nothing is displayed on map.

So, what I have to do, is read the mission information and try to guess where it could be. Sometimes maybe it´s normal, but I have to find some bunkers right now, and I don’t have any idea where I should go xDD

I played 11hours launch day, so… I played a lot that day, really liked it.


As far as I can tell, it seems like it doesn’t show you the exact location until you have found the place where the mission takes place.

For instance, right at the beginning, when you’re told to go to the shelter at Salthamn, you will not get a marker for where the shelter is until you’re within a few hundred meters.

There will be quite a few missions where finding the location is half the objective.

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A handful of the missions will have subtle hints. Like north of such and such farm. Or bunker in Salthamn. Check the map for Salthamn and head that direction. Others don’t tell you and you just have to explore and you will find it through exploration. Some of the bunkers seem to be in the areas where there’s a hill (look for the higher elevation areas on the map). And when your walking over a bunker or near it, it will tell you to explore the bunker or something like that.

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And then there’s the gorram “Path of the Gods”. That one annoys me.

My first instinct was to go up the hill above the house where I found the journal. I found something vaguely resembling a path, I followed it until I got confused, and then I found a Dreadnought that wanted to play with me instead.


Look more in the “Northwest Region”.
You’ll find what you are looking for once you get near and high enough.
The post of Mrozak is true. Look for the elevated regions.
One so high it would attrackt tourists.
Part of the quest is to find the location with the info given.
It is tough, I know, but you’ll find it, I’m sure.
Good luck.

Path of the gods is on the big peninsula that breaks off left before you get to the main northern continent area. Go all the way to the end and you’ll find a lookout post.
(To be clear, the peninsula I’m referring to is part of the three “islands” on the south of the map) (the northern most “island”)

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Exploration seems to be the best way to find most of these. And an objective marker will pop up on the location when your close.

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