Questions about Generation Zero

You and I probably many, many questions about the game, and you can ask them here!

What’s the best way to take down a military grade tank?

Well, with the explosives doing 1% damage and the .50 being underpowered, you probably are just going to have to shoot it a lot. Did I mention it’s main gun can fire over 400 meters? It has some weak spots, the electrical boxes on it can be shot ( if you hit it should spark ) Also the fuel tank on the back is a good place to shoot. You should overall avoid a tank, it doesn’t give enough to attack it ( unless your forced to ).

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Go for it’s weapons first. If it’s got a dual .50 machinegun, take that out first. And never battle them out in the open. Have someplace where you can pop out and take potshots at it from. FNIX Tanks are an even bigger challenge, but they often drop 5-crown weapons and mods as well as rockets and .50 sniper ammo.

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why dont we have the killer rabbit to kill with our holy hand grenade ?


I eliminated tanks and hunter with gas canisters. After the last update they are no longer dead. What to do now?