Questions on Tactics

Hello! I’m making this for some advice. I usually play with one friend, and we make a pretty good team. He’s more the intelligence; he can hack robots, sees their health, etc. I was wondering, what do you have to say on what I should do here? I simply use a sniper rifle scope as my binoculars. Should I use actual binocs? Should I keep using my scope?

While it’s convenient to use scope for long-range scouting, binos have much greater zoom-in range (up to 42x) and their field of view is also much wider.

If you have reliable scout on hand, you could stick with scope only. Though, what helps the most is scout with marking ability, especially when marking lasts for 30 seconds.

I’m solo player and i have all the snipe/making skills on one char. Here’s my common tactics:

  • scout the area with binos and in IR vision (great to spot machines)
  • when machines are spotted, i switch to Tech View and mark them
  • once that’s done, i switch to my s-rifle and take them out

Of course, fiddling between bions IR (to spot) and Tech View (to mark) + s-rifle (to shoot) is quite a bit of work, especially since marking lasts only for 30 seconds. But to remedy that, my scope also has IR vision, which i sometimes use when i need to spot machines better.

Pro tip: Very often you’ll hear machines before you can actually see them. And with good sound (surround headset/speakers), you can also pinpoint the location where the machine is coming from.

I’ve noticed that, thanks. Sometimes, though, I’ve had it glitch out and you’ll hear the footsteps land in much faster succession than they actually do. We (Rubric and I) once thought that a Tank was a Hunter because of how quickly the footsteps sounded. Has this ever happened to you?

Tanks do run though. Mainly on seeker’s call.

That was before they released that update.

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