Questmarkers on the Map PS4


Hey sorry for my bad english i hope you can understand it im from germany ^^ i don’t see any Questmarker on the Map (not the Questmarker for Worldmaps or else) is that normal or a bug? I’m on PS4 :slight_smile: thanks for the Help.


Hi quest markers appear as you get closer to them,the same as world missions they appear as daimonds on approach.You have to find quests search everywere and everything like missions and read everything to find clues were to go you can reveiw clues in mission list menu if youve picked them up.Also some markers on map are only from origin not actual destination.Hope this helps.Keep Searching.


Thank you very much its helps a lot :smiley:


Correct. You have to read the contents of the items you pick up with missions to get clues as to where they are. Only when you get close to them will you see the markers appear both on your map and HUD.

But you should also be aware of the very loose definition of the words “near / nearby” in mission descriptions. They can be very misleading. In many cases, you’ll be told your objective is on a “nearby hill” (as in the case of the mission Path of the Gods), and discover later it’s actually several kilometers away. lol