Quick Feedback/Request List

Love the game so far! Good work! Below is just a few quick things that I have come across.

Platform: XBOX

  • Weapon switching seems way slow/laggy at times. Hard to switch while running.
  • Picking up ammo needs to go straight to the same type stack if you have it in your inventory. On the same line when healables are in your quick slot and you pick more up they should go there not to the main inv.
  • Need to be able to split ammo/flares/grenades etc stacks when dropping for when my other peeps need some.
  • “Hit Box” for looting needs to be a little larger. Its sometimes hard to get the right spot to open it
  • I hate to say it but some type of vehicle. bicycle/Scooter/dirt bike etc. could have its cons to using one like higher chance of being seen/hunted
  • Higher radio/team spawn item rate
  • Needs different house/barn/Building layouts. Currently all house are the same foot print with the rooms being decorated differently. Gets boring looting the same thing every time.