Quick Melee Attack

More than a few times, my clip is out of bullets and I need to melee a runner or tick, to take it down. Not asking for much, but a gun butt and pistol whip would be great! Saves time hitting one button, rather than two. Will also save time on the animation of the change out. Yes, another gun with a loaded clip is better, but you don’t always have that available.

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You simply want every weapon to be also a melee weapon?
I don’t see much sense… Either for that or, if they add it and it’s worth using it, for the seperated melee weapons.

I disagree. Many times like the OP I’ve wished there was a quick melee button (similar to Halo) which I could use to strike / counter a jumping tick or even a runner. Just to simply hit it with the butt of my gun rather than faff with the weapon wheel.

But you shouldn’t expect it to do much damage.
At least less than with a 1c bat without charging it (without stamina). That’s like nothing, that’s wasted time.
In a shooter against humen enemies (weak targets) I totally agree. But against those machines? Well, for Ticks it might help.

I wouldn’t expect it to do much, if any damage. Maybe kill a leaping tick or deflect a jumping runner. I just imagined it as a way to counter a jump attack.

Personally I was against the idea of specific melee weapons as the idea of taking a bat/hammer to anything but a tick seemed like an utterly stupid idea and I never have them in my inventory.

But the idea of hitting/blocking a jumping tick with the butt of my shotgun without having to try to switch weapon? That seems like a much more sensible idea to me.


OK, I agree for the “counter tick attack”.
But I would suggest to have this action like a QuickTime Event. If a Tick jumps at you a note appears to press square (for playstation) and then it will be deflected by a random action with the weapon you’re currently using.

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I agree, its strange that we cant use the weapons we have to make a quick melee attack.

@Madchaser no one is asking for melee attacks that are capable to do a lot of damage.
Maybe just something that pushes the machines back, that interrupts their attacks for 2 seconds, that is all.

No quicktime events please, they were a Pest in the PS3 and early PS4 titles.


It should be there tbh. Everything I’ve ever played had a weak melee with every gun. No where near the games melee weapon group but just a quick swipe with the gun butt. It could take my flashlight spot since I never used it anyway(kinda gets ya seen faster). I’m not saying I’m going to be using it for charging a tank but ticks don’t return resources for bullets wasted on em I’d rather melee them and focus on the targets that need to be shot.

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Yeah, that’s why I just dodge their attacks and keep on shooting at the other targets. Keep on moving. Attacking them with melee is wasting time like shooting at them is wasting ammo. (If I shoot them, I just use my flamethrower…I just use it against Ticks, so no ammo wasted)