Quick scoping: gun won't shoot


I was overwhelmed with a group of FNIX hunters and runners. I started quick-scoping hard. A couple of times, more than I would like, my gun would not shoot at all.

Steps to reproduce:
I basically hit both mouse buttons at the same time, I guess, which should not be an issue. Either the shot comes first or the scoping, either way the gun should shoot.


I don’t think that’s a bug. Quick-scoping is not a thing in GZ. You either take time with your shots, or switch to a weapon that can do it better.

I think it is absolutly a bug or at least something that has to be changed. The highest priority in a first person shooter game is that shooting works properly!
The same goes for the delay after releasing the scope button, were all commands, like reloading or weapon switch, get ignored untill the animation is over.

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It is 100% unwanted behavior, and I call it a bug. Accidentally hitting both buttons at the same time (at least from the mouse’s perspective) leads to no shot? It shouts “BUG” as loud as it gets.

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And I am not getting tired off mentioning: the reduced sensitivity for a brief moment after going ADS or scoping in.

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I dont think that this is a bug , l personally beleive that is something intenional for the sake of realism .

What gun were you using? If it was a bolt action it’s because of it being a bolt action, with the pvg you can “quick scope” because it is semi auto. Same with any gun that is semi auto. The bolt action rifles won’t shoot until the bolting animation ends.
Also just because you call it a bug doesn’t mean it is in fact a bug, if it’s by design (ie machines seeing you through cover/buildings etc) then it isn’t a bug.

I had this bug/feature/setting/problem, how ever you want to call it, that my gun (AG5, AG4, AL-76 and Kpist) doesn*t want to shoot many times but I can’t reproduce it on purpose. I’ll pay more attention to what I do when it happens during my next fights.