Quick Viewing of a Collectible won't work

Platform: Steam, with an Xbox One controller

When picking up a collectible, a notification appears and prompt you to press the “Y” button in order to “Learn More” about the collectible. Once the player presses the button, the game displays the Log, with no visible entry.

Expected behaviour: When the player press the “Y button”, the collectible appears immediately for the player to quickly look at it, or it at least pre-selects the collectible for the player to confirm they want to view it, and quickly view it.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Start a fresh playthrough (delete the content of the save folder)
  2. Enter in the first house.
  3. Collect the handwritten letter from Bengt.
  4. Press the “Y” button on your gamepad like the notification prompts you to do.
  5. Notice that the game doesn’t show you the collectible at all. If you witness the same thing I did, you should have a blank Log entry in front of your eyes.

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