Quick way to make the looting experience much better

  1. Issue:

Every loot interaction is a “Do I need this?” question that often leads people to pick things up they already have plenty of.

  1. Solution:

Display next to the items in a loot container, 3 small numbers. How many of the item you have on your character, in your storage, and across all your characters. This will give people the information to make decision making much easier.

For example if you had 300 7.62 on your character, 4212 in storage, and 6000 across all your characters; 7.62 in a loot container would show "300 © 4212 (S) 6000 (A) . This would give you the decision making knowledge to know that while your character doesn’t have much 7.62 left, you have plenty in storage.

  1. Technical Implementation Suggestions:

Process the items counts for the inventory of the storage box, and characters after every loot / inventory interaction is finished. This has 2 advantages, the numbers will come up instantly when the player loots since the processing for the counts is already done, and the information can stay in ram to avoid disk writes since it isn’t needed for save file integrity.

Also I’d suggest having an explanation of the numbers when mousing over an inventory item or when selecting a single inventory item on console.

  1. Solution Reasoning:

This greatly distracts from the excellent game play as you often end up having to stop and decide to what to drop eventually. At end game this gets much much worse when your storage box is full. Speaking as a person who has a storage character for equip-able items, ammo, and items I don’t commonly use. I realized the reason that I had acquired so much of everything was when I went to loot I had no idea what I had.

I’ve run into this kind of UI design issue in IoT systems with thousands of systems per user and 100s of active alerts, people get information overload pretty quickly and start making the quickest decision or ignoring data. We put a lot of effort into breaking information down visually into “decision making sized” data.

Those 3 stats, how many are my current character, in my storage, on all my characters are “decision making sized” data for the question “do I need this?”.


Question: why game needs to tell exactly what you have at any given point and time? Why not just remembering of what you have and what you need? :thinking:


I think this is a Quality-of-Life feature. Not having this feature does not make the game unplayable, but having this feature would make the game UI more pleasant to use.


This is a nice idea, but I wanted to use the extra screen space to double sized grids. For small containers this is irrelevant, but When looting larger objects or checking your own inventory, I’d like to see 2x the options to equip on screen.


This would only be used when looting, it actually lets you skip even looking at the left hand side to see what you have since all that information is one place.


In summary, your asking too much from this game.


I’m busy remembering the location of all the enemies I’ve spotted so I know the best place to drop a radio or boombox with dying. Also I like to use different guns, having to remember what ammo I’m low on for 10 guns in between play sessions is not something I have the time to reliably do.

I already have a job where I do paperwork, even in that job I’ve adjusted systems to where I don’t need to remember information that can be easily referenced. Not everyone enjoys paperwork in their games.


I see the need to try out different weapons but all of them at once? Why?

It would be far easier to use only 3-4 weapons. This way, there’s less things to keep in mind.

For example, i use AG4, HP5, .50 cal and m/49. With Klaucke as my sidearm. With that, ammo i’m looking for is: 7.62mm FMJ and AP (green box), 9mm SMG FMJ (brown box), .50 cal FMJ and AP (black box), HE rockets. I can skip the rest.


Well, then I don’t see much issue, as it still leaves room for being able to see double the amount at least in the inventory. There seriously needs to be a quicker way to navigate through. Even if I quickly scroll through, knowing that my medpacks are going to be at the bottom, it takes time to load each icon.


@viper975: All excellent suggestions, so +1


I have them all in my storage box and swap between what I want to use that play session. I normally only carry 3-4 weapons. variety makes things fun.


It does. And the new inventory system lets you to store weapon with it’s equipped ammo as well. Though, reading the weapon description is usually enough to know which kind of ammo it uses.