Rabbits, Fishes and Boats

The immersion in this game is incredible so I just want more of the same. I’d like to see some rabbits hopping about from time to time, and some fishes in the water.

I’d also like those boats to have small 3 horsepower outboard engines and be able to drive them around on the water, that would be so cool but of course the noise would attract machines and I’d probably die a lot but that’s ok.

My biggest feelings of immersion-breaking sadness come from not being able to swim or drive a boat.

Also, thank you for an amazing open world. It’s a really remarkable and beautiful experience.

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It’s very unlikely that they will add swimming or drivable boats. I remember hearing (I think on one of the streams) that swimming was too difficult to implement on the engine GZ uses. And there’s really not much use for swimming anyway.

As for immersion, I imagine swimming would be very difficult in the freezing Swedish waters while carrying enough munitions to supply a small army. Or at least that’s how I justify it.

Boats being unusable really isn’t that much weirder than cars being unusable. Boats especially don’t have much reason to be usable, since they’d only be useful for going out of bounds in the Baltic Sea.

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I imagine swimming would be very difficult in the freezing Swedish waters while carrying enough munitions to supply a small army.

Step 1. Dump gear and clothes on bank

Step 2. Find the coldest lake

Step 3. Swim like Sweden’s ice swimmers (it’s a thing)

More about cold water swimming:

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Well, you just have to imagine that the player isn’t an ice swimmer, or maybe they don’t know how to swim at all. Admittedly swimming would be nice, at least for crossing lakes. But there’s no chance they’re ever gonna add it.

You’re making me sad Vlad, can you say something less pessimistic? :smile:

Swimming is too slow and too dangerous… The machines would make you become a sponge in seconds… even in a small boat.

Of course it would be cool to see the waving waves from face to face, but the water around the isles should not be useable this way. How would you explain not to be able to get to the other (dlc, future dlc) isles or the main land?

For lakes within the main island it would be ok to be able to use boats, not to swim… But a spong stays a sponge.

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I’d play this game even without the machines, just to run around in the environment because it’s so beautiful. So, deal… I’ll settle for boats and rabbits :+1:

Mmh could COTW be a game for you?
I just know that it’s the same engine and beautiful world… And there are animals. Anything else idk…

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In the survey there was an option to choose for swimming to be added to the game. If it would be to hard why offer that option at all?

I would like to be able to swim to take short cuts, like crossing the Overbyan at any point. Or just to dive down to get the loot for machines falling into the water. They could also introduce parkour-like missions where parts are through water filled cave tunnels, etc. :sunglasses:

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I played COTW for a week or so but pretty sure I didn’t like the environment as much as GZ. That said I’m going to install it again now just to compare them.

GZ developers have really done an amazing job of the open world, I’m surprised I hadn’t even heard of GZ until I saw it on Game Pass.

I’ve played a lot of games but I can’t think of an open world that’s been done so well with so much detail, but would love to know about others if they exist. I think the Swedish charm helps as well and the lengths they’ve gone to that makes the GZ open world so great is very cool, they paid a lot of attention to the details.

I’d love to see some boats ingame at some point. Maybe once all islands are available. Then just put in some strong currents or something so one can’t leave the map.

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Swimming is not in the game but diving is, sort of. In a few locations you can jump into the water while running and dive from a dock to land, another dock or dive around a fence that dead ends into the water. You can also dive across the boat sheds. Some may think this is a cheat but when you have a second or so to walk on the bottom cause you sink like a rock then it must be diving! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If swimming is not feasible how about allowing us to walk across shallow water about chest high. Much of the water in this game is not deep and we should at least be able to walk in it. It would be very useful for getting from one destination to another without having to foot it around the water.

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Not only does the game need fish but we need the mechanic to actually go fishing. I’d love to just sit around and catch fish for a bit.

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Ehm no. You can play red dead redemption 2, far cry #? or a fishing simulator for that.

But not in this game.

Where the water really is shallow, there you are able to walk through it.

There are even some safehouses you can only reach by this.


The way they implemented the wading through reeds is actually very cool. I really love the developers of this game, they’ve done a lot of stuff in creative and unique ways that really add to the overall experience.

I have waded through water deep enough that when looking through the scope, waves will wash over the lens. Feels like on sub sims. But to get that deep you may have to hop. Tried getting across a cut and I was stopped just before I got to the other side.


They need to remove blocking a player from walking across shallow water as long as its shallow enough to walk across they should allow you.

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