Race around the map , is there a bicycle course being made for us?


ok so some of us have spotted some arrows on the roads , could this be a track to follow on our bikes ?
if so this is cool , the bike does a litlle bump when we go over them.
tell us or a little kitten will die !


It was accidentally carried over from the development build of the game. A few other anomalies have also been reported since January Update. I suppose it’s possible they’re trying out some future options for bike races, or simply intended for them to be used in the weekly streams.

I swear, that’s all I know, please let the kitten go :worried:


meow kitten goes free


Really? The finish line has observers and deckchairs and lights and bodies and all sorts - and the bodies are civvies, which means - since DLC…


Maybe it will be the entrance to a resistance base?


Where’s that location?

Could you give me some directions?


Um, don’t know grid reference. Okay, coming out of the Archipelago, you have the Hunter on the bridge, then the church, then the Harvester by the convoy, and it is between that and the cool bunker on the peninsular, with the aircraft in it and the really good loot boxes. It is between the last two. In fact if you exit that Safe House and look right, you can see the lights. Watch out for the Hunter patrol…


Ok, found it.
Thank you.

Personally, I think it looks less like a finish line and more like some sort of militia checkpoint.
And maybe the arrows could be some sort of markings for a supply route ?
Maybe they tried to defend Saltholmen.

Also, I personally hope that it won’t be a bike race.
It would feel really out of place, in my opinion.


I think the bike race was interrupted by machines that came and killed all the officials, and probably most of the participants…