Radio Track Playlists

That would be kind of unnecessary for them to spend money on rights for the those kinds of songs just for the boomboxes since the in-game distraction only lasts about 7 seconds or so. They’d be better off creating their own original tunes, which I would love to see them do.


at least they should allow players to make radio mods. the current in-game travel is boring.

Well, IMHO, music should not be in the game.

Let me explain: I turned my music off entirely.
Mech detection!!!
LONG before I see them, I HEAR and IDENTIFY them, as well as making out their approximate location and distance.

Now, mind, I do not actually mean they got to strip off the music, of course.
But try to see it this way:
You’re being hunted by machines that are looking for you, with only one goal: to make you a little bit very much extremely dead.
Would you, in such a situation, plug in your MP3 player and blast for instance some Black Metal?

Surely, that would fit the feeling there, the scene, but it would be… not all that very much clever…?
Would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The harvesters and tanks are easy to identify… But when it comes to hunters and runners, I think I spot them mostly use visual contact, for they don’t make much noise and they are not that threatenable and deadly. (by the way the current enemy is too stupid to wipe out an army)
So, my point is the radio should be an option, if you give a try to the Fallout games, the music is a part of the environment or the atmosphere making, we are in the 1989, so play some 1989 songs——I know Beatles may not be possible but I really want to dip into the way of life in 1989. Like Jazz of the Fallout game, the generation zero should have its own atmosphere-making song list, which will greatly improve the game experience and help us enjoy the scene of Sweden better.

The machines need a HEAVY AI boost.
And much, MUCH more of them.

Again, I do not say, Music should be stripped.
I said, however, no one in that situation would listen to music.
Unless (s)he had a flight over the cukoo’s nest.
One does simply not do that under threat.

Aside, try this: turn your music entirely down, even dogs have a specific sound, Hunters do, they ALL do…

If the time radios and boomboxs distract enemies is only 7 seconds then I think it should be extended to around 15-20 seconds if not more. What do you think?

Extending the play time of the radio and boombox from 7 up 20 seconds may make spending that money on the rights to those songs worth while and ultimately more immersive. What do you think?

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Yes the time limit of radio’s and other noise related item’s could do with a little adjustment , cheer’s

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Don’t worry my guy your welcome. :wink:

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The cost of licensing music for games is not cheap. It wouldn’t make sense for them business-wise to do it.

Now, to hire a musician to write “similar” music - close enough that it sounds somewhat like Never Gonna Give You Up or Take On Me likely would work out. It would make the melody recognizable enough without infringing on copyrights.

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Yeah your probably right. :slight_smile:

That said, I would love to hear hits of the 80s in game. It wasn’t really my jam back then (metalhead), but it would still be awesome to hear those songs of the 80s to add ambience to the game.


Or at the very least something similar to the real thing.

The real thing would be incredible, but I’d settle for a reasonable facsimile.

It seems we play game in different ways… I enjoy listening to music when I travel through those empty but beautiful scenes, and heavy metal or jazz will be exciting during battles. At lease the music should be and option, don’t you think? Maybe someone (like me) will enjoy it.

In most games I go for Black/Death metal or punk.
But in here… silence…

Aside, the audio here is darn good.
Wind, boots pressing in gravel, …
I enjoy those sound quite a lot in here.

I think we should be able to use our radios and boom-boxes to play our collectable mix-tapes ! It would be great for immersion into the 1980 Sweden and to make more useful the collectables objects (apart from 250 xp). I tried to drag a mix-tape into a boom-box but with no effect :frowning_face:. And what about the Dala Horses ? Could we have an exhibition on a piece of furniture in our preferred safe-house ? :thinking:

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IMO, they should have a feature like the older GTA games, where there’s a radio station that plays whatever you have in a particular folder on your computer.

from the perspective of it’s just a game yes but
playing music with a boombox would also attract the machines so wouldn’t be smart
could play it with a walkman but headphones covering your ears with killer machines all around you may not be too smart either.

It’s fiction. Let’s not forget that it takes place in the 80’s: