Working mixtapes would save me

We have mixtapes and boom boxes but we can’t listen, I would love if I could play music that I find and maybe different tapes can effect the actions of players and npc’s. For example your character running faster and longer of being more accurate due to being pumped or relaxation


I have proposed something a bit similar here. You might want to take a look.

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I agree - I think mixtapes must be playable, even if it is just in your Safe House. But even so, the game plays music anyway, so it could just substitute the mixtape. You wouldn’t get context music, but it could play about with volume - quiet when it’s quiet, loud during action. That would be very cool.

I think the issue here is that Avalanche would have to purchase rights to music to play, or have it composed, neither of which is likely to be inexpensive. That said, it would be neat to have this.

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A deal with Spotify or something?