Radius of molotov fire pool?

hi a small request to make the radius of the fire pool much much larger if possible. I love the idea of the molotov in this game. the unfortunate part is the radius of the fire pool on the ground makes it pretty un-usable currently. a humble request :slight_smile: to have it sized up to say encompass the size of a large machine in its pool or something comparable in size. or if reworked to make a wall of fire in a straight line that if a robot would walk or run thru it would catch them on fire? would make it much much better for zoning when dealing with a group of enemies. much love! loving the new patches and excited to see what the team has in store for 2023! thank you systemic reaction!

I would love to see if they would work more like in far cry, where grass, bushes, structures, trees,… Everything burns and where the fire expands.