Raids - My Ideas

The survey picking up raids made me think quite a bit about how the may work and I’ve managed to plan out some way it could occur and the way it would pan out.

A] Raid Spawn }

Getting a Raid to spawn would not be an easy task so ive mapped out the factors that would have to be used in order to have a raid spawn.

  1. Have at least 1 Rival (exclusively tank or any other large future upcoming machine) at lvl 4.
    This Rival depending on what class it is and how powerful it is will gain the title of ‘Leader’. (if you have 2 or more of the same class tank rivals at same lvl they will be randomly selected out of them).

  2. Eliminate the ‘Leader’ . A group of up to 20 - 30 machines from any region (selected randomly) will spawn and be lead by one Rival from that region (if you do not have any other rivals then one will spawn among the Raid) They will gain the title of ‘Leader’. (it will ignore higher class rivals which should be leader and become leader anyways).

B] Setting off }

  1. Once they Raid has started you’ll get a popup, just like when a machine becomes a rival or evolves. It will give you the name of the Raid and will then disappear. Then a popup will appear at either corner of the screen with how far the raid is in (m). Keep in kind the Raid is heading at you full throttle.

  2. Checking the map you can see a red transparent circle with the bold letters on it telling you its name. Clicking on it will show who the leader is and their lvl.

  3. What you choose to do now with the little time you have is up to you. You could run in the opposite direction to find somewhere to hide, set up a massive trap or even wait for their arrival.

C] Bang for your buck }

  1. When the machines reach you and see you you’ll have to fight. They will immediately start attacking. A popup will appear showing how many are alive at the moment.

  2. Killing these machines will give no side affect other than change the counter for how many are still alive.

  3. Taking out the whole squad and even the Rival will result in you claiming your Reward directly into your inventory instead of having to search for it because that’s way too tedious.

D] Reward }

This is up to creative thought and future updates because i don’t have anything personally that would be good enough for the onslaught that has occurred so feel free to share any ideas.


Harvesters will not join the Raid for their inability to run.

If you die during the Raid, the Raid will go into a cooling/walking state until you re-enter the circle. After 10 real time minutes the Raid will once again be in full swing.
If you fail to re-enter the Raid 5 real time minutes after it restarted the raid will depart.


I’ve written this in a HURRY so PLEASE if you have any worries or constructive criticism please do share.


One small problem, AI has hard time to navigate trough forests and bridges. And if this raid situation happens near the lakes, rivers and AI happens to be on other side. Even the bigger town might cause navigation problems.

I have never seen one of the bigger robots ever cross a bridge. Runners and Hunters are different things.
And huge pack of AI robots navigating to players location is nightmare of AI path finding.

Still good idea, and fitting to the world. I love games where you fight guerrilla style.

Off topic side note:
Robots should generally utilise roads more. You move around with bike, so why robots have to wonder off road?

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They wonder to look for straglers maybe.

Here i’m at loss. Exactly what triggers the raid spawn? As soon as your 1st (tank) rival reaches lvl4? If so, then every time i get rival (tank) to lvl4, there will be instantly raid?

There are ways to indefinitely avoid the raid. With that i would be stuck with raid constantly harassing and coming after me? Where the only way to get rid of raid is to engage machines? Without any freedom of choice whatsoever?

Do i have to take out other machines to “win” or does it suffice by only killing the “leader”?

In the latter case, with leader dead, what happens with other 20 - 30 machines in raid party? Do they all get magically despawned or do i have to take them out too?

How big is the circle?

That doesn’t make sense.

If you die, you have 10 mins (“raid cooldown/walking state”) to resupply and enter the “raid circle” before the machine armada comes after you again (“in full swing”)? But after you dying, you have only 5 mins before raid dissipates (despawns)?

I once saw harv crossing a two lane paved bridge, so, it is possible.

Ummm no. If you kill it it starts. Optional.

You DO have a choice. You can kill it or ya can’t. Plus it would be a random chance for a machine to become a leader. It wouldn’t be a bad situation if you were under prepared since you could just not kill it. [quote=“Aesyle, post:4, topic:24094”]
Do i have to take out other machines to “win” or does it suffice by only killing the “leader”?

All that’s the point of the popup telling you how many are left.

I’ll make an example eventually

After 10 mins the raid will come after you again. If you successfully manage to outrun them for 5 minutes after startup it’ll disapate and you miss on the reward.

I will update it. But its pretty easy to rap your head around if you think about it. :eyes:

An issue I see is pathfinding which yeah is a big issue. But I doubt Raids will act like this in game if it does get added.

Well, pop-up would show how many machines are left (e.g 27) but is there actual need to destroy them all to get the reward?

This is still confusing. Also, i can’t read your mind and my thought process is completely different from yours.

Here’s how i understand that:

  • i die
  • i spawn in safehouse
  • i have 10 mins before raid starts making their way towards me but only 5 mins before raid despawns

Or they could make them similar to Destiny’s 2 raids , what about that ?

Correct. Having the raid chase you forever seems unfair. And it should be your responsibility to not die, plus you could always find some way to fast travel towards them. Actually you pose a fair point how about 8 minutes. I just feel bad that if a group of not so lvled players managed to take down a leader they would be attacked with no end which is why it ends so fast. I’ll extend it to maybe 8 minutes.

Could you elaborate?

Yep. You won’t have a choice anyway as long as they can see you.

Well, i can make it so that i have a choice. Tank is the biggest machine of them all and it towers above all others. It isn’t exactly hard to get myself into such spot where i can snipe tank’s components until tank (leader) blows up.

What i don’t like, is the need to destroy all machines since taking only the leader down is hard enough already.

In other Avalanche Studios games (e.g Mad Max and Rage 2), there are moving convoys with lead vehicle. The common way would be 1st taking out the support vehicles by leaving the lead vehicle last (since it’s the strongest).
But there is no actual need to take entourage out to get the reward. If you are skilled enough to take out only the lead vehicle, you will get your reward from it, even when all the guard vehicles are still alive.

In Destiny you can team up with randoms or a team to start the raid you have to be a team of atleast 2 people and travel to specific location then the raid start’s (each raid has it’s own map they are 4 different ones if I remember right ) .
In generation zero you could travel in an island that would be added specifically for the raid also the difficulty of the raid should be standard and shouldn’t be able to change , at the end of the raid you would have to kill a boss which if killed it would provide you with some unique top of the line loot , also the raid must have a “timer” depending how much time it would take you to finish it , if the timer end before you end the raid you will be teleported to the mainland and at last you should be able to finish “win” the raid once a week.

You have a point. Ok scratch the counter idea taking down the leader will give reward and main priority now.