Raise the experimental drop rate

ive been farming 6 crown weapons for weeks now and never found one experimental. not really fair for new players if all the veterans have all experimental weapons and we are still stuck with 5 crown gold tier or less. kinda getting bored of searching. i really enjoy the game but not as fun as other people have with it. when they have better weapons than you. i have 8 rivals in every region and ive even farmed the reaper and still no experimentals. only FOA armor. at least take the time and let your fans enjoy the game. i would love to see the updating content you brilliant people create in the future.

i would love to use a experimental and be able to feel the power behind such great weapons.


  1. What’s your characters level?
  2. That’s normally the sense of such games, that you have to go your own progression instead of having everything from the beginning on.

You will find more exp weapons if you start taking out your rivals. Having 8 in each regions is max for them. Which means you haven’t been destroying them and that is where you have the highest chance of getting exp weapons.

If you do not want to take out your own rivals then join a co-op game and help the host take them out, only after asking if it is ok to do so. But not destroying rivals is the problem.

If you want to maintain the region levels at or above 21 then after removing a few rivals grind that same region to take the level back up to 21, making it easier to spawn a reaper and as you grind for a reaper destroy any rivals that spawn in the region you are in.

It won’t take long for you to collect all the exp weapons.

I believe you also must be at level 31 to be able to get experimental weapons.

Although, you can trade for experimental as well. Some people have so many of onespecific gun that they are almost giving them away.

No, the level requirement for EXP weapons from rivals is level 25. For Base defence and Reapers, there is no level requirement for EXP weapons to drop.


Can Experimental weapons drop during Base Defense? I thought it was just Experimental Ammo Schematics.

Yes, on several occasions ive gotten Kpists, KVMs and AG4s from doing base defence.


Well that’s very interesting, I thought it was just ammo. I wonder if the Exp Sledge can drop too?

Hey, I think the drop rate is perfectly fine, I’m a veteran player and I have stopped picking up experimental weapons since long ago because I get them all the time.
If you desperately want an experimental weapon, ask in the Generation Zero group on Facebook, I have given away lots of weapons there to people asking!

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i have destroyed like 40 of them. and no exp weapons at all

ive been playing for nearly 63 days in game time. ive only ran into gold tier

But what is you level? Max level is 31

You can also check Discord
People trade there.

im max lvl 31. no exp weapons

Do you play offline ? With no net (nothing to do playing solo)
Its really weird to be level 31 and have difficulty to find good and exp weapons.
They drop all the time, best thing to do is to check the facebook and official discord for trading.

ive tried just about everything in game to get a exp weapon. only purple and gold tier. i mean dont get me wrong gold tier AI76 is brilliant in battle. but i would like at least one 6 crown weapon of any kind

i like the feel that i can grind for my stuff though. i just think its a tiny bit unfair that i never found one

What you are looking for cannot be found if you are going about it all wrong. Destroying normal machines, and not rivals, will not have exp weapons. You also will not get any reapers in an area that has more than 7 rivals. So you have blocked the methods and best chances of getting the exp weapons. You need to change your game plan.