Raising sensitivity on PS4

Hi Avalanche,
another suggestion would be to raise the look sensitivity for console for more responsive shooting (would do wonder to shoot fast target quicker, like Runners and be more accurate for hitting the component or weak spots). Also, raising sensitivity of scoped weapons, because right now they are useless at close range so to speak (would be nice to use the Red dot scope, but it so slow when attached). It may seem pointless for some, but I sure could use a boost in that department.

Like always, thank you to take the time to read my feedbacks and hope you find them useful (trust me those changes would be awesome, I’m sure that plenty of fan feel the same).

You know that you can 100% change it in settings?

Of course, but even then (at max look sensitivity), it’s way too slow IMO. If you’re on PS4 try to aim for a Runner tank when they are running full speed with a smg with a red dot sight on it and give me your feedback.

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I haven’t played on console in over a year but I don’t remember having any problems, but I still agree that the devs should expand the possibilities for aim speeds and other things too. You could always try to move your character while foreign if that may help some. Another way to maybe help with the problem would be not using ADS while positioning your aim and then wait for the enemy to run into your sight!

Yes, this is my actual playstyle. It’s just that it would feel great to be able to have the same ADS sensitivity with or without a Red dot sight attach to a weapon.

I really don’t have any issues with aiming or sensitivity, I play on PS5 now but also sometimes on PS4, I really don’t understand your issues ?

Good for you, but for me, it’s way too slow to do a 360 movement when ADS with any scope (even the look sensitivity for that matter), mostly the Red dot sight and I’m not the only one with this set of mind, however, I’ll speak for myself in that regard. Even if there would be to have a change in the sensitivity you could just adjust it to YOUR liking and so do I, everybody is happy.

The red dot moves very slow. I agree on that. It’s difficult too aim true and move with the target at the same same time in a fight. At least last time I played. Don’t play during summer but where I live summer officially ended yesterday so I will try the red dot again. Soon.

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I guess we all have are own playing style, I prefer not using the red dot as the iron sights are pretty good, scope wise I’ve honestly never found sniping an issue, targets at a distance as they should be sniping are more the adequate, I guess it’s preference anyhow happy hunting !