Rambling about UX consistency

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I did not want to derail the original thread. (It was already going slightly off-topic about beacons, which is what I was initially replying about, FYI.)

That could be fun. In that case, they should remove the whole tutorial tab. I would probably prefer that instead of the current situation.

By now, I think you know how I feel about the tutorial tab: Either you make it thorough, or you remove it. :sweat_smile: (Well… … “removing it” would be extreme.)

I hate inconsistency.

Being inconsistent for no obvious reason (from GZ or other games) Successfully playing with player’s expectations
Some missing entries in your Tutorial Tab about core gameplay elements (a few for crafting or base building, but none for Rivals) Forcing the player to plug their gamepad in port #2 in order to defeat Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid
Some missing entries in an otherwise very thorough in-game Knowledge Base Having Mr. Resetti scold the player for messing with the internal clock of their Gamecube in Animal Crossing
Allowing player to open and close Sub-Menu A (like a map) with a simple key press, but forgetting to code the same behaviour for Sub-Menu B (like the inventory)* Relying only on fullscreen decals or filters to warn players about the physical and mental state of their character (Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey)
Reworking the entire story of your game in order to add new storylines, but forgetting to map the old progression system to the new one, even though you did implement a save files upgrade system** The entire sanity system in Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
Revamping the crafting recipes, every single lootable items, every items/technologies (No Man’s Sky), etc., with also a save file upgrade system mapping old items to their new equivalent item, but forgetting some items…*** The weird control scheme in Shadow of the Colossus, being an integral part of the “giant climbing” experience.
Prompting the player to press a key or a button to “Learn More”, only for them to open a blank page -

* Because of that, the player has to press another button, like the “ESC” key or the “START” button in order to close “Sub-Menu B”.
** Player is forced to redo a nearly identical multi-hours mission.
*** Player is compensated with an equivalent amount of the new corresponding items for only half of their previous inventory, because devs forgot to map old and deprecated items to the newly introduced ones.

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Sorry for creating a new thread that could be perceived as “negative”, but I only did it to respect Doc.Caliban’s thread.

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