Random crash/freeze in Inv. Screen


Platform: PC/Windows 10

Steps To Reproduce: Enter inventory screen

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client:

Players in your game: None, “solo”

Specifications: Ryzen 7 2700X, EVGA GTX 1080, 32GB (8x4) RAM G. Skill Ripjaws

My game crashes/freezes at random times (sometimes 10 minutes in or hours into the game), but 100% of the time I am in the inventory screen. A month ago these crashes would happen when I would go to select a gas mask. Lately though it happens when I’m just in the inventory screen. Sometimes it will happen right after I open the inventory or after awhile of organizing my items (OCD :grin:). The game itself locks up and I can still move my mouse cursor around and it seems as though my computer hasn’t locked up (I have an LCD on my keyboard and the time keeps counting, when computer is frozen the time readout stops, so that’s why my computer appears to not be locked up), but I can’t Alt+Tab out and Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn’t do anything either. The audio keeps playing normally as well. The only way for me to “fix” it is to restart my computer. I have let it sit for up to 30 minutes and the game is still stuck on the inventory screen. I am unable to click on any of the items in my inventory.


Is your system overclocked in any way? I also have an 2700x and I had similar issues (both in Gen Zero and other applications) where the computer would lock up like yours.

At all stock speeds after I got my system, my game ran well. The odd time the game would crash completely (and still does), but starting the game back up works fine.

I started encountering what you’re describing after I started playing with overclocking. My mouse would be moving around, but it wouldn’t accept any input. The whole system would hang and the only way I could get it working again was a hard reset. For me it wasn’t exclusive to Gen Zero, but when I was playing it, it would typically happen when I accessed my inventory, like you.

Turns out my memory didn’t like the speed I had it running at. Lowering my memory speed to 2666 MHz fixed me right up across the board. I haven’t had any issues with Gen Zero or anything else since. I still have it overclocked (CPU locked to 4.2 GHz on all cores, memory at 2666 MHz, and small boost on my 2080), but now I’ve found it’s sweet spot for performance and stability and haven’t had an issue since.

Not sure what’s up with yours, but if you have your system overclocked in any way, I would recommending resetting to default and seeing if the problem persists.


I don’t have anything overclocked, but this issue hasn’t happened much lately. I haven’t had any other issues with any other games I play, just this one. I’ll underclock my memory speeds and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip and glad to know I’m not the only one that has/had this issue.


I downclocked my memory and didn’t notice any change. Even before that and before the latest update I have noticed that my computer no longer locks up/freezes, I actually get to send a crash report through the auto-reporter. I still get crashes every now and then though. :frowning:


Thanks for the feedback beelzebub. Since the May update I have not had as many random crashes :slight_smile: It still happens every once in awhile but it has improved!