Random crashes that I can not replicate

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I have no idea
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Myself and Major Wolfgang
Amd Fx 6100 16gb Ram GTX 1080 8gb Win 10 Pro 64 bit

I asked Biddin on the discord for help

Did you use any Weapons attachment like the xray vision thing you can harvest from the machines ? most of the crashes we had had to do with them or aiming at stuff

yeah i did get one of those ill try taking it off

Still getting the random crashes

Yea there has not been a patch yet ExWire … it might take some time to find the causes and fixes for all of new crash issues … normally you have just to find the cause like me with the xray attachment for the scope and its all good for the most … and not using that is not a big biggy

I did make on change however I add an exception to my antivirus and I have had no other crashes