Random Human Story 2


I’ve survived long enough to consider myself decent maybe even good (not to toot my own horn) as I leave towns and villages desecrated with the smoldering husks of robots in my wake. As a FNIX Tank crashes to the dirt, I receive an alert telling me not one but two robots have reached level 4, I thought to myself excellent this should guarantee me Experimental. I look to my map, and see two Rival targets side by side on the edge of the mountain region near the farmland. I click review Rival Profile and a Apocalypse Class Hunter menacingly looks at me on my screen, I think to my self F!?$ as my heart sank; I’ve yet to compete against an Apocalypse unit. I remove myself from the things profile and review the next Rival, to my bewilderment it is indeed another Apocalypse Hunter, my heart sank further as I doubt I could eliminate not one but two Level 4 Apocalypse Rivals. I grabbed what grenades I had and took my M/49 Missile Launcher and all of my Dual Purpose Explosives and additional ammo to my Kpist SMG, Autometgevar 4 and my Klauke 17. I make my way to my Rivals, avoiding weaker robots along the way to maintain supplies. I come up to a bunker by hillside, I spot two green hunters side by side roaming about. Quickly I tossed a Firework, it caught the Hunters attention and 5 Runners, I panic towards the bunker door to be relieved to find it unlocked and quickly open it to rush inside. Thanks to poor AI, I cheese the bots by hunkering behind the metal door and rain lead onto the Runners that soon attracted the Hunters. Then sprint into my direction and unleash a stream of fire, I sprint backwards and switch to my M/49 and lob a rocket at the green monstrosity. The emotionless construct stares at me without a flinch or scratch, Holy S$!? I thought and began firing one rocket after another and hear the satisfying screech and witness green flames of defeat; If I added correctly it welcomed 8 rockets til it became remanded scrap. I set my sights on the next one and lobbed another 8 rockets til it combusted. With a plethora of ammo, no skill, poor AI that glares at you and Cheesing I was victorious. My reward? An Experimental Kpist and 50.cal Rifle That I still use as I type this.


Nice one , new G-zero players might find this useful to use when the going gets tough :+1: