Random Human Story


This was about a week or two ago and I wish I was recording it, but I just departed the Archipelago Region; I’m armed with my 12 Gauge Pump, Mauser Rifle, and Moller PP and took out my first Prototype Tank and Harvester with exhausted effort, even got lucky with a Experimental 12 Gauge from a Rival Harvester.
Im feeling good until I enter the Farmlands, never have I seen so many heavies roaming a region. I’m running and sneaking my best around these metal hulks and I get to a little farm house, I can hear the loud hums a tank is screeching somewhere in the distance that isn’t visible as he crashes about. I pull out my binoculars and scout 4 runners, easy targets I thought so I whipped out a propane tank and radio; expecting my little plan to motion destruction. The Radio begins to echo some 80’s jam that only jump suits could break down to as it glows next to the red barrel of propane, as I wait and watch my metallic prey I hear loud crashing split seconds of my trap, I quickly exit the sights of my rifle and turn to my right to see a sprinting Tank. Before I could move fast enough, a large metal extremity kicks my body and ejects me like a rag doll, moments later I’m pelted with machine gun fire before I can get up and die without mercy.