Random red and white glowing dots appearing

So I’ve noticed since I started playing this game (on PC), that random white and red dots keep appearing and dissapearing on the screen in seemingly random locations. They only last for a split second.

This is solo. GPU: GTX 1070, all drivers and Windows 10 are updated.

I’ve found white dots to be more common when walking along a main road, and red dots to be more common when looking at a body of water (like a lake). However, they can mix.

I adjusted some settings to see if I could get rid of them or minimise them, and it seems that turning off SSAO reduces them (at least the white dots, I didn’t test the red ones).

After many failed attempts, I managed to capture a picture of a red dot on my way to the abandoned castle.

I don’t have the exact coordinates of the above picture, but it’s the body of water closest to the middle of the map in this picture, where I am standing near the orange path closest to the edge (approx. south-west of the castle):

I think that this is a feature, just as chromatic aberrations, lens dirt, excessive glare and blur, etc.

If I remember correctly the same red blobs appear in The Hunter C.O.T.W.

Interesting… not sure why they’d add this as a feature other than to make the players think they’re going crazy lol.

If it is, it’d be nice to be able to toggle it off. Of course, unless it’s part of the story.

I’ve never seen this in neither The Hunter or this game, so this definitely seems like a bug. Thanks for the report.

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Never seen it. I’m on PS4.

I’m having the same issue.

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As far as I can tell, those are lights/particles that get “disconnected” from the robots. You can see the same thing happen with the blue flame jets from the seekers sometimes where a pair of them will be floating in the air.

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Same with the flames from damaged gas cylinders in the warehouses (though the sound effects get decoupled too).

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No, no. Those disconnected lights are stationary and are glowing constantly.

The “blobs” are just a random short flash of light.

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Glad I’m not the only one who has noticed these random dots appearing! I thought they were disconnected lights as well, but these look almost more like holes than lights. Certainly a curious problem.

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