Randomly Removed Augments

PlayStation 4 Pro
This issue only happens to Character 2 on my account. When I switch to C2 randomly and not every time I switch weapon/s will be removed from the equipment wheel the weapon will have mods & augments removed.

I’ve also have had just the top half of the weapon removed sights and augment

As seen in the screen shot when the scope was equiped but did not appear and the top augment was removed.
I’ve had this happen to me on up to 7 weapons all gold augments except for 2 silver augments. The only work around to this I’ve found is putting C2’s weapons In Plundra so far no weapons in Plundra have had mods & augments removed.
Do not know how to reproduce
Solo session
PS4 Pro

Which augmentations got removed?

Maybe with attaching a scope a prerequesite of the augmentation wasn’t fulfilled any more? :man_shrugging:

The two guns in the images Klaucke 17 lost Small Fryer, Hip Shooter the Automatgevar 5 lost Emp Detonation. I’ve lost these on other weapons Health Stealing, Unstoppable Shells, Titan Toppler, Oversized Magazine and Quick Learner. It doesn’t seem to care about what augments are used I get on the weapon/s have been removed from the equipment wheel all mods and augments have been removed but the weapon is still in the inventory. The removal of just the top augment and scope has only happened twice once on a Pvg 90 with Unstoppable Shells being removed along with the scope and the Atuomatgevar 5 with Emp Detonation.

Sorry, that’s hard to read and to understand.

Just another idea, as you said that it just Happens with C2.

Did you unlock the augmentations with C1, applied them to the guns, then moved them to your plundra, switched to C2 and tried to use the augmented weapons?

If that’s the case, I’d guess that C2 doesn’t fulfill the requirements for the used augmentations and therefore cannot use them.
As the augmentations themselves are no items that can be moved seperatly like an attachment, they obviously get lost.

I’ll try to reproduce that.

No, this idea was wrong.
I added the augmentation for long distance kills to a 5c pvg of my second character, placed the gun into the plundra, left game and switched to my 4th character (lvl 6). I took the pvg out of the plundra and it still had the augmentation.