Rasputin dance emote

we all know the raw strength of Rasputin and his song. I believe it to be absolutely necessary to add the Rasputin dance to the list of emotes. this would make perfect sense lore wise, as Rasputin was a significant figure just decades before the robots came. this will tie everything together and that’s why I think its essential to be added. thank you for your time. o7

An iconic song to be sure. I would not mind seeing more dance emotes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its your opinion, and you are as entitled to it as i am mine.
My opinion however is that “dance-emotes” have no place in a shooter.
Its not Sims or “metaverse”, the player character is trying to fend for his/her life against a overwhelming enemy, clearly dancing should not be a priority…

I do appreciate the hand gestures though, it feels nice to be able to greet folks, or to point in a specific direction and so on, and it feels quite immersive to communicate with handsignals with your battlebuddy.

If i were the player character in the GenZero universe, and some random folks ran up to me and started dancing in the middle of a gunfight; i would probably have “accidentally” given them a face full of buckshots, if for nothing else, to stop them from attracting attention to my location. :slight_smile:

With all that said, my opinion is not more or less “true” or “right” than the next.