Readiness alarm (Norway 10/6 12:02)


It was the start of a beautiful day. The country was recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic and the turmoil going on over the Atlantic seemed so far away it could almost be forgotten for awhile…

With summer setting in it seemed like 2020 could almost be saved from being one of the worst years for this country since the war.

The last thing we needed now was this machine invasion from Sweden…

Oh no…



That sounds like the test signal for the readiness alarm. It’s supposed to be sounded in case of emergencies like wartimes, chemical accidents, industrial accidents etc in which cases it sounds different. In Sweden they test it out (with the same tone) the first monday every month, perhaps it’s different in Norway.

Edit: In Sweden we refer to it as “Hesa Fredrik”… For some reason.


Not many people know this, but it’s called “Hesa Fredrik” because of my old neighbour.
His name is Fredrik and he sounds just like that when he’s had to much of his ‘Surströmming and mintuu soup’
Actually a quite annoying guy


Yep that is correct. However it is only twice a year here in Norway. which i personally feel is a better way of doing it than every month. You dont want people getting too used to that sound.

But as you say its probably meant to sound different during a real crisis… Which i thankfully have not experienced myself.


I live right next to a Hesa Fredrik alarm. I can even see it from my window… Fortunately I’m usually at work when it sounds :smile:


That justifies ANY alarm at ANY time and ANY intensity :slight_smile:


Sweet jesus… You dont want to be asleep hungover when that thing goes off


Corrected topic title.


To me, that sounded like testing of old air raid siren, repurposed for emergencies. Or train horn, where train blasts it’s horn every time it crosses the road crossing (since sound appeared to come closer/ get louder at the end of the vid).

We have similar emergency sirens here as well and it is tested monthly but since it’s located in the middle of the city and i live in the outskirts, i’ll never hear it. :grin:


We have sirens in my part of Norway as well, but for other purposes. I live by a deep fjord, with steep, 1500 meter tall mountains on each side. One mountainside is under constant surveillance. It has a loose chunk of rock, no less than 53.000.000 m3 in size. One day it will loose it’s grip and slide into the ocean, creating 75 meter tall tsunamis. Luckily my village lies on a shelf 200 meters above the ocean. It would be excitng to watch it happen though! Hope the sirens work when the day comes!
Actually, a movie was made about it a few years ago, called «Bølgen», or «The Wave».


They closed down the borders some months ago…

Noone from Sweden could enter in but we could… However we had to be in quarantine for 14 days after we crossed the border…

We all though it was because of the virus. It seems it was because something else…

We used to make fun of Swedes. They even joined the EU. Now im not so sure what to think about them.

Not much help from the US either. But we expected that and were glad they didnt get involved.

Im only 2 hours from the border so i guess i have to get ready.

JA vi elsker


So why the hell did this get renamed Readiness Alarm.

I was playing on the lore of this game. And it was posted in the “off toipc” section?


And yes i want an answer!


Naming a topic in a cryptic way creates confusion. Topic title must clearly show what topic is all about in the least amount of words. Also, posting your topic in the Off-Topic subforum doesn’t make it immune to the forum rules. Hence my correction of the topic title.