Real hide and seek with the machines

Please make the machines less avare of where you are, I dont enjoy machines knowing where I am 24/7. Once they see you just make then go where they saw you and then start looking for you, I dont understand how can they follow me everywhere if I am not shooting or running.


Your in-game difficulty level is?

And who is following you everywhere? Which type and class of machine?

Mainly hunter I play sskirmish

Hunters are supposed to give you a chase since they are hunters. Also, it is very difficult to outrun the hunter since they give chase for a very long time and in great distance.

Unless you have a mountain which to climb or cliff where to drop down, so that the hunter can’t follow you anymore, it is better to destroy the following hunter since they are just that relentless.

Also, do note that even your walking and crouching produces sound and machines will locate you based on sound a lot easily than actually seeing you. It’s something to keep in mind.
Of course, while you moving through shrubs does conceal you visually, shrubs create more noise than grass and it’s the sound that can give your position away.

For easier life, switch your in-game difficulty to Adventurer since latter is designed more on the story telling than on combat.

There’s also perks for making you less visible, and the 20-40% are really noticeable, enemies will also lose track of you mid-combat if you do it right, good way to trick a tank into attacking the wrong spot while you take out his hunter escort if it has any.

Yes but THERMAL does have a long range and has saved me from running into some stupid fights many times, The machines use them too so on thermal viewing we stand out like the kid who wore the wrong costume at a party.

Also, in-game difficulty level also plays a role in machine detection range.

I play on Guerilla and machines can detect me from far away if i’m not careful enough. Just for testing, i switched to Adventurer and i was amazed how short detection range machines have. :astonished: Also, machines give up on chasing you very fast in Adventurer difficulty.

In Guerilla difficulty, it takes considerable effort to avoid tanks since i can get spotted as far 100m (or even up to 200m when riding a bike). In Adventurer difficulty, i rode the bike past the proto tank and it finally detected me when i was just under it’s nose, at 10m or so.

So, there’s that as well.

Machines have hearing as well and much better than their visual sight.

In PvP game, when one player is superior compared to the another player, it could be either of the two:

  1. Superior player is actually good at playing the game (pro gamer).
  2. Or superior player uses PC assistance (cheat software) to get the superiority.

However, when machine AI is superior compared to the player then how come that’s cheating? :thinking: Machine AI is supposed to be superior to humans and this isn’t cheating.

E.g: How many equations per minute can you compute in your head without any assistance? 10? 100?
Now, how many equations per second can PC (CPU) compute? That’s in billions.
With it, PC (CPU) is far superior to you but that doesn’t mean PC (CPU) is cheating. It’s just much better at this than you are. Though, many people think that being better = cheating (especially when they have low self-esteem), while in reality, there is no cheating.

When looking from FNIX perspective, players are cheating as well.

Few examples:

  • Player can magically fast travel to any of the unlocked safehouse or placed field radio (if latter has some uses left). FNIX’es machines can’t magically fast travel across the map and only way to find the player is to deploy greater number of machines, in hopes for some of them finding you, eventually.
  • Some parts of the map are completely denied for FNIX’es machines to enter via invisible walls, which player can freely pass without restriction (e.g inside safehouses).

Since both sides are cheating, i’d say it’s a fair game. :slightly_smiling_face:

At this point I’m not sure if this discussion is about whether the AI is unfair, or just if you guys are just throwing semantics back and forth… The AI’s got a few glitches, which makes the game unfair. In the end, it could always be poked about balance issues, something that’s always looked at during development.

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