Real life FOA (Försvarets forskingsanstalt)


Many people thats play GZ and are not from Sweden maybe think that FOA is a fictional organizasion but it where real and it closed in the year 2000, but they where involved in projects like the development of a Swedish nuclear bomb and diffrent high tec eqipment, and sorry for bad English iam Swedish
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Here it is, the place where FOA where developing Swedish nuclear weapons


If you want to read for yourself :slight_smile:


Their insigniasvg


There is a modern version of FOA that is by the name of FOI


The FOA looks a little bit like that in the game. Gorgeous Photo :+1:


yes it does, very cool picture


The game is so awesome build. After i started playing this i had a look of pictures from sweden and at the Moment I watch the Netfix Series “The Rain” what plays partially in sweden ans i saw much things that made me feel like I’m in the game. Especially the Watertower that looks like that from Himarvet.