'Real Sneaky Like' - use suppressed weapons

’Real Sneaky Like’ - use suppressed weapons to destroy 20 enemies

Preparing for this now.

Got a COM10-SMG and a COM10-Silencer (cat.5).
How do I combine these to?

The same way you took a scope and added it to your pvg90. But now with the barrel attachments menu instead of the scope attachments menu.

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Yes, was afraid of asking the same thing, but somehow I can’t make this work…

I’m sorry to all users - my brain… it’s isn’t working optimal anymore. :unamused:

So I got this:

this is a submarine gun right?

Now show us your silencer.
The com10 has its own one.
The smg silencer instead works for HP5, kpist and the Vosa.

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GZ_COM10 silencer

Hope this is the right one - it’s a bit complex to me.

In your inventory or in your plundra?

I put it in my inventory indeed

Also got a cat. 2

Did you already click on “muzzles”?

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muzzles? :grin: what’s that?

Just assuming it’s not a joke…
3 lines above the selected line (sights) in your first screenshot in this topic.

No, I’m not joking… :smiley:

Edit: I’m sorry, can’t find this at this moment. Brain disfunctioning grrrr… In a later stage plz, thx! :pray:

I see. Hope you see it, too!

The slot currently says it’s empty. No attachment added to this slot for this gun. If you click it, you get a list of all available attachments for this gun and slot in your inventory.


Helpful, thanks! :pray:

GZ - dev

Got it (for now), hope I don’t fall back in knowledge :face_with_head_bandage:


silencer on the PVG-90 would be nice

@Asphodelus I’m going to assuming English is not your first language. Out of curiosity, what is your first language?

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I’m sure it was dutch…

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Imho too overpowerd… :man_shrugging:

As much as I’d like that, too… :wink:

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Yes, but why… assuming… I’ve a University degree, but my mind doesn’t work that much anymore. It’s sad in all ways…

Sorry guys, for all the misunderstanding.


Don’t worry and relax, it’s all good :+1:

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