Realistic Rain Effects

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Hello development community, I wanted to offer you the introduction of a variation of the "Realistic weather effect initiative, I suggest adding a possible animation of drips during rain, you have realistic graphics, the ability to add drops will transform the degree of immersion to recreate the natural autumn time stage, regarding consideration I can offer several effective animations

An available option is to add simple animated png drops of different sequences, if there is a gif effect of scattering, I will demonstrate this example in detail to you in the attached file, perhaps it will help in the development

More advanced, which is based on a transparent gif png animation of drips on the screen with the presence of stationary drops in the edge area of the screen, the principle of the effect is the vertical flow of several drops, with the disappearance after the distance covered

The addition of these effects will allow visualizing the graphic component of the project, will improve the game perception regarding time stages, the graphics of the game will be perceived technologically more progressive, will attract the attention of players interested in the visual specifics, the screen element will stylistically add realism that will interact with the current graphic atmosphere of the game in a modified way :purple_heart::fleur_de_lis::rose:

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I almost flagged this post as spam…

It’s an english speaking forum.
Anything else should be removed to take the focus on what you want to say and not on which language you use.

Your message could be misunterstood.


Rain in GZ is more realistic than in most of the games out there. What you suggest has nothing to do with realism.


Could some moderator please remove all the russian text?

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a lot of users from Russia get acquainted with the information, many do not have a translator working and at the same time you will learn to understand Russian a little

I’d guess that no one here is interested in understanding russian. Why should we?

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Any chance of an English version?

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First of all:
Dear sir or madam, may I interest you in a chill pill?

I find your idea (if I understand it correctly) of adding water drops on the screen to be a very strange thing to add for more “immersion”.
Do you get water drops on your eyes when you are out in the rain?

How the game is rendering rain is good as it is, no need for water drop pngs on my eyes thank you very much :wink:

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I’m sorry, but even with translation into my language I don’t understand what you wanted to say. :thinking:

I just refered to the forum rules.
If everyone goes along with the rules, we get a much better exchange of thoughts and are able to focus on the topics. And that’s what this forum is for.

It’s not for learning other peoples languages, not for secret messages between the lines written in unsupported languages and not for any topic besides Generation Zero (maybe except in the offtopic-section, as long as it goes along the rules).

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=> hopefully less work for mods
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Ok, that’s enough explanation.
Finally my opinion to the topic:

I agree with FreeCandy.
There is just one case where these water drops on the screen would add something to the immersion: when using scopes or binoculars.


You can’t see raindrops like that on scopes or binoculars. Image will get a little bit blurry, but no crisp and sharp raindrops.


I tried to say that you equate me with an aggressor, I’m not going to win anything, I personally didn’t take anything from you, I don’t want to discuss politics so that you understand that they don’t even provide medical care in my country, I had a case and they didn’t help me, my life in the country is my problem with which I’m trying to figure out, I really want to leave, but I can’t right now everything is isolated, no need to assign a status, I’m glad that everything is fine with you, this post is for discussion, I try to inform everything in detail

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excellent work moderator, I am very grateful that you left the HTML history of my first version of the publication, if the innovations are activated, I will be able to demonstrate to my friends the original informativeness of a very useful action

Sorry to read that.

It initially sounded (for me) like:

“Why should I follow your rules? Learn my language.”

Everything’s fine now.
Let’s get back to topic.

Yeah, let’s stick to topic people. Let’s play nice.


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You can use normal emoticons.
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