Really missing a user game save feature

I’m tired of spending 15 minutes walking across the battlefield only to get killed and respawned in the same original location (safehouse). This is ridiculous. Not going to do it anymore. I give up. Not playing.

If you decide to provide a real way to save progress as the game progresses, I’ll consider giving it another try. For now I’m done.

You could make it your mission to unlock more save houses first. That way the game has more options where to spawn to. Not sure how long you are playing or what difficulty, but it will get easier when you get better weapons and skills.


It’s a pretty standard gameplay mechanic; countless other games do the same thing.

With GZ (unlike other games that do the same thing) there isn’t even any a penalty for dying. You don’t lose xp, drop your stuff or anything like that.

Just learn to pick your fights better, if you’re getting overwhelmed hang back, try different strategies and take it slowly, or try it in co-op. Failing that, turn the difficulty down until you’ve found better gear.


So you’re saying when you die, you should respawn at the exact same position where you last saved?

If so, this has been asked before, link: Saving games - different directories?

Thanks, that is why I’m asking^^

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Try using adrenaline shots :expressionless:


Then why make a thread about it? Making demands will get you nowhere.

I understand can be frustrating if you’re new to the game and not used to how it works. The save system works fine, your progress is saved everytime you move something in your inventory, complete missions, unlock a safehouse and so on.

But this feels like it’s less about improving the save feature and more about planning your fights.
Always make sure you’ve got the upper hand before you engage with Machines. Lay an ambush, or fight from safe distances, where there’s cover.

Use Adrenaline Shots, or draw Machines towards areas where safehouses are close by to save you from running back. It’s a hostile world out there, so remember to come prepared, and like the others have said; don’t be afraid to run if the fight gets too bad.

No. I think he’s asking for the ability to save whenever / where ever you want like Half-Life / Metro etc. So that when you die it reverts to the most recent save state.

Do well at an encounter? Quick save.
Mess up? Quick load.
Rinse and repeat.

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I have a feeling the issue is more about not being able to “save-cheese” the game. :thinking: Meaning that you (quick) save before you do something and if you happen to mess up, just (quick) load the game and try again, without nothing ever happened.

Some older games do enable players to do that (e.g ETS2 or Cities:Skylines) but most games have auto-save, where everything you do, are final and there are no take backs. In GZ, there is no “save-cheesing”.

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Way back when I first started playing, this was annoying. Getting wrecked by machines then having to spend some time walking back to a mission. However, as I played the game more it became much less of an annoyance. Adrenaline shots exist, ridding the annoyance entirely. As well as just dying less.
Spawning back at a safehouse is the only punishment for death that exists that I can think of in this moment, and it is completely irrelevant mid-late game. There is also field radios as well.

I think spawning back at a safehouse if you do not have 1 of the multiple tools to prevent it is fair.

Some asked features like extended storage, new machines, new places make perfect sense.
But on this one i agree with most people.
One could agree that when playing on SOLO the game could get a Pause functionality.
But a save feature?
The game keeps auto-saving, and it´s a lot.
If the game only had auto-save from 30 to 30 minutes and if you died you would loose all progress i would agree, but that is not the case.
Death has no real penalty on Generation Zero.
An option to replay any finished mission would also be interesting.

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Hey man and welcome to the forums! I think what you’re asking for is more of a save loading feature rather than a save feature. Because anytime you open your inventory, interact with a lootable, or enter a safehouse the game saves.

But as people have also said there’s a bunch of ways to solve your issue by simply not dying;
using madkits
having adrenaline
not dying
never leaving yttervik because really, its a nice little house
and the list goes on

There’s really no reason to cheese dying in the game, there are no decisions throughout the game outside of what you use to fight with, which is infinitely replenishable/obtainable.
I do advise you backup your saves manually though :smiley: that’s just standard practice now a days!


Having to re-spawn at a safe-house after dying I get…

My issue with how the game saves your progress is rather simple. The Dev’s have created a map that BEGS to be thoroughly explored. So I often go out just to see what i can find. So after running around the map for a couple of hours, avoiding conflict & not trying to explore every building (I’m just exploring whats where on the map) maybe I have to quit because its late & I need to go to bed because I have a job to go to. It sucks being way out in the middle of an unexplored area to only have to fast travel back to a safe-house that’s not even close to where I was when I had to stop playing.

Just a single location save would be nice, that way I wouldn’t have to start over and waste time getting back to where I was the next time I played. I could load into the map where I left off & go about my business.

There are numerous safehouses spread around the map.

This is done in such a way that really, the max distance youd need to travel away from a safehouse is at max, 500 meters.

You should check out those buildings, might be a safehouse.

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