Reaper destroyed by player but never engaged

Had a reaper spawn in Ostervik. I left him alone and went about my business. Yesterday I spawned at the Ostervik church and within minutes a report showed up on my screen that my player had defeated it.
Never went near it. What happened?

Maybe it got depressed and gave up because you ignored it.

Sometimes machines fall through the ground, just like player do, and sometimes, very very rarely, they just die.

This is a known bug and as stated it may very well be due to holes in the map issue.

That has nothing to do with “holes in the map”, it’s just that rare occasion when the ground seems to be not solid any more when you leave a building. That seems to affect only a certain space around the player though and when a Rival is in that circle (like every other machine, too) it falls through the ground and one get’s a notification about it’s death…

I “managed” to kill three Rivals nearly at once one time… a rather sad moment, all possible loot gone…

I’ll 2nd the kamikaze rivals - I’ve had 6 drop out from opposite parts of the map.

Weirdly though, it’s normally shortly after I kill a Reaper